Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Arm Candy

Lately, layering bracelets has become a statement piece of sorts. I absolutely love this look. I received a fantastic gold bangle from my grandmother for graduation (it was my great-grandmothers)  and a link bracelet with a gold disk that was my mom's. They're both beautiful and sentimental. I wear these pretty much daily.

When I want to wear silver jewelry, I alternate these bracelets with a silver cuff I have had since high school. To me these are the perfect two staples.

I also like to throw in some other pieces to alternate the basic look. Here are some photos I stumbled upon on pinterest (  I hope they provide you with just as much inspiration as they have given me!

You can never go wrong with David Yurman and Cartier!
Here is a similar look with gold and turquoise.
So I have a serious obsession with these Hermes bangles. They honestly could not be more perfect! I have an equal obsession with the Cartier "Love" bracelet shown in the second photograph. I would love to know where the snake wrap bracelet was purchased, it's fantastic! 
Here's one more look, I just love it. 

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