Friday, March 23, 2012

Handbag Heaven

I never used to fancy myself much of a bag girl, I preferred to spend the money on clothing. But lately my mantra has really changed. As of right now I alternate between my Longchamp bags and a Gucci doctor bag style purse, for everyday. But here are a few others I have been eyeing:

I'm head-over-heels for this Tory Burch Robinson mini satchel bag. This is definitely at the top of my wishlist!

Here are some inspiration pics I found on tumbler of classic bags, with which you can never go wrong.
Hermes Birkin- so perfect.

This is honestly my dream purse. I adore everything about day! 
Louis luggage- the ideal 
And my personal favorite- Longchamp. Have used them since high school and never grow tired of them. 

While this bag may not be designer I think it has all the elements of a classic piece. Love the stripes. 

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