Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Happy One Year Anniversary to My Favorite Couple! 

It's hard to believe it has already been a year since I woke up at 4:45am to witness every detail of the royal wedding. I sat on the phone with my best friend and text my mom (who was at a slumber party with her friends) through the entire event. Suffice it to say, I didn't make it to my classes that day, but it was so worth it. Since then (well basically since the engagement) I have been fascinated with everything having to do with The Duchess, Kate Middleton. I have many style icons, but Ms. Middleton (I guess she's now Mrs. Windsor?) is definitely at the top of the list. Every fashion choice she makes is flawless. I've compiled a few of my absolute favorite looks (though it was most definitely hard to choose). 
First and foremost, you cannot discuss Catherine without discussing her breathtaking wedding gown. The Alexander McQueen, one of a kind, dress is absolutely stunning. The fitted bodice was the perfect silhouette for her tiny waste and the v-neckline was so modern and refreshing (and worked surprisingly well with the classic lace). 
Every detail was pure perfection, including the delicate myrtle and lily-of-the-valley bouquet. My personal favorite touch was the maple trees lining the aisle. 

It was difficult to top the original gown, but I may love this look even more (it's a really tough call)! The jeweled waist and satin was so simple and elegant. My favorite touch by far was the white Angora Balero Shrug. Couple with her famous flowing locks, it was pure perfection! 
Prior to the wedding, Catherine made many appearances, one while wearing this undeniably chic Burberry trench. What sets this trench coat aside from others is the ruffle detail at the hem and the reflective, silver buttons. 

I was glued to the computer daily during the couple's tour of Canada and quick trip to the US and fell head-over-heels for a few of her looks (well for all of them, but these were my absolute favs) 
This very well may be my favorite look of hers, ever. I think this shade of green is so perfect with her coloring and the simplicity of these DVF shift dress is so flattering on her slender frame. The belt bow detail is the perfect, finishing touch, to accentuate the tiny waist. Just find this so effortlessly beautiful. 
I think I love this Jenny Packham dress, and the DVF one captured above, is because I could actually see myself wearing them. This yellow dress is too cute for words!
The same designer, Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, who designed Kate's wedding gown, designed this lavender evening gown and it could not be more perfect. You already know I love anything lilac! 

Shortly after saying "I Do" Kate was seen stepping out with her hubby to the Epson Derby horse race in a white Reiss dress and jacket. I cannot explain how much I love this look, the fascinator completely makes it! 
At one of the semi formal events the pair attended Catherine wore a red floor length gown that tied at the waist with a red sash. The dress was by Beulah London. This look is definitely one of my top five favorites, of all time. 

I genuinely could go one forever, I am never disappointed by her choices. It's unbelievable that someone can hit it out of the park with every outfit they wear! She is so classic and elegant, yet still modern and relevant- a true style inspiration. 

One of my favorite websites is for all the latest info on her fabulous style! Congrats to the happy couple on one happy year!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Currently Coveting: Lilly Lovin'

Yesterday was kind of a dreary day, but when I got home from work I had a little something in the mail to brighten it up, the new Summer Lilly Pulitzer catalog. It is safe to say I am more than obsessed with, pretty much, everything in it and, by extension, their entire summer line. Here is everything I am dying to add to my wardrobe...if only I could have them all! 

As you know I love the colored denim trend but worry that with the humid Baltimore summers I may not get to put all my new jeans to proper use, these Clifton Shorts would solve that problem! 
They also have them in cropped jeans: Worth Skinny Mini 
Obsessed with this Delia Dress 
This Gardenia Top is most definitely at the top of my wish list, perfect with white jeans! 
My Lilly bathing suit is by far my favorite and I would love to add this Keene Wire Bandeau to the mix! 

You've just got to love Lilly!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Formal Attire

I have a family wedding coming up, well actually it's in September but that hasn't deterred me from beginning to look for a dress. I actually found one last night at my home away from home, Nordstrom. I had to order it in my size for I'm keeping my fingers crossed it works when it arrives. So until then I've been looking into plan Bs and here are a few I found: 

This is the dress I purchased last night by Eliza J 

I'm OBSESSED with this dress by Tibi but the price tag associated with it is really painful. However, Rent the Runway has it available for $125. 

Surprise, surprise I have my eye on a few Lilly dresses: 

I also found a few on 

Adrianna Papell Sequin Trim Shift Dress

Thought this might help those who are shopping for spring formal dresses! (So envious of you!) 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rainy Day Dreaming

Rainy Day Dreaming

I've spent this nasty, rainy evening flipping through the new J.Crew catalog. Big surprise, I want everything in it. Most of all, this adorable Silk Bow Cami. So I have been day dreaming about how I could work it into my wardrobe. I paired it with J. Crew Toothpick jeans in Classic Rinse, Jack Rogers Wedges in platinum, Tory Burch gold clutch, and Kate Spade Navy and Gold Hoop Earrings.  This weather has me longing for warm, summer nights and I think this outfit would be perfect. 

Decisions, Decisions

So I'm in the midst of a, slight, personal dilemma (actually two dilemmas, but I digress). I am, quite possibly, the most indecisive person on the planet. Which means I am in desperate need of some fellow opinions on two future purchases, help a sister out, PLEASE!:  

New Duvet:  
So I have been in the market for a new bed spread since I came home from college, yes a whole year ago. And I think I may finally have found one I love! What's the problem, you ask?Well I kind of, simultaneously, fell in love with three and can't decide which to buy. 

A little background information:
 My bedroom is hot pink (a disastrous decision I made in high school- to give you an idea of the color it's similar to the one photographed above) with white furniture (my bed is very similar to the one in the first photo of option 1). I am hoping to paint my room in the near future but would like my comforter to still work in my room until I have the time to paint. I also want a comforter that I can grow with, nothing too juvenile. I was leaning toward something navy since I (shocker) love the color, but I have white sheets piped in hot pink grosgrain ribbon. So I want to make sure I buy something to match (since I love those and would rather not purchase new sheets, as well). As you can tell I'm just a little bit picky. So here are my three options, please let me know what you think! 

This was my favorite option, originally. Now I'm worried the pattern might be too busy. 

Here it is a little closer. 

The pink in this would match my sheets, but worry with the pink walls it will be a little overwhelming (I feel like I'm living inside Barbie's Dream House sometimes). 

So I thought about maybe getting it in Navy but then I still have the same conundrum of whether or not it will clash with my sheets. I also worry about it showing dirt since Skyler loves to lay on my bed. 

I loved this one before the other two came out but now think this is my least favorite, but still thought I should include it in the choices, just in case! 

On to the second predicament of the day: 

Tory Burch Clutch:

I have fallen in love with her "Logo Clutch" but cannot decide what color is the most practical. 

Option 1: Brown 
I originally wanted brown because I thought it would go with the most based on my wardrobe. I tend to wear a lot of navy and have a great deal of brown shoes. But at first this purse sold out and I was forced to look into other alternatives. Of course with my luck the purse became available again but I had already started loving the other two options.  Now I love them all and can't decide! 

Option 2: Gold
I think the gold is actually my favorite since I think it will go with the most. I tend to wear gold jewelry the most and think it will work with black, brown, and navy. My only concern is, is it too formal to wear with everything? Also, the main problem is Nordstom is no longer showing it on their website (and I really would prefer to buy it there to get the points on my card and since I just love their customer service). So I'm hoping if this is the one I decide on that they might be able to locate it in stores. (They only have the silver online). 

Option 3: Last, but not least, Black

They always say black goes with everything but I know in my experience it doesn't, necessarily. I think black is probably the most classic choice but I worry I wont' get as much use out of it. But none the less here are the two black choices...

Or the more subtle Black Logo?
Let me know what you think!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Currently Coveting- Jewelry Edition

Lately I've been very much into jewelry. I think it is the perfect finishing touch to an outfit to take it from cute to CHIC! Here are a few tips of incorporating statement pieces into your look: 

Let's start with the basics: 

The staples: Here are the pieces I cannot live without and wear every single day, without fail. I am so dependent on my watch it's crazy (and yet I am still, constantly, running late). It's important to have jewelry that you can build upon, and I always love pieces that are sentimental to you, as well. That doesn't mean things need to cost an arm and a leg, either. My spoon ring cost less than $35 from my sorority jewelry sale Sophomore year in college, but I love it! Your basics should be simple, things that won't clash or distract from other pieces on which you layer. 

Once you have you staples in place it is important to distinguish what type of jewelry category you fall into.

The Minimalist:
A few small pieces are sufficient for you. I definitely used to consider myself in this group. I had two favorite, very simple, necklaces (one gold, one silver) I would turn to if I felt a neckline needed it, because for some reason I felt as those jewelry was overwhelming on me. I relied heavily on my wishbone necklace to add a little something extra to an outfit, without being too busy. I received mine as a gift from a boutique a few years ago, so haven't been able to locate my exact one, but found some similar options for the minimalist! 

So I have a slight obsession with Dogeared necklaces (they also have bracelets!). I love how dainty they are and adore that each one has a special meaning associated with it.  There are countless styles that are perfect for any type of style. (They also make wonderful, meaningful, gifts) 

While I, personally, adore Kate Spade for her whimsical and eccentric esthetic, some of her simple pieces are wonderfully simple and classic. This is her Open Spade Pendant Necklace which retails for $78. 

The Intermediate:
This is the category into which I most likely fall. This person has a mixture of both loud and fun pieces, as well as simple and clean. I think this bracelet I stumbled upon at work, the other day, is a perfect example of the juxtaposition of the two styles. 

This bracelet is simple enough to avoid being ostentatious but also make enough of a statement that it doesn't get lost in an outfit. 

The Statement Maker: 
I have loved the bubble necklaces forever. I think they are so fun! But find their price tags less than appealing. But today I came across a website that had a few for, brace yourself, $38!! It comes in navy, forest green, and red. I most definitely need this. 

Here are a few others I found on A Cut Above

I have this one and LOVE it! 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Opening Day Attire

Opening Day Attire

Opening Day Attire by torybanknell featuring tory burch sandals

Last Friday was Opening Day here in Baltimore so obviously I had to go get some new duds. My momma was nice enough to put up with me through yet another in incessant trip to J.Crew where I am pretty sure I tried on practically everything in the store. Here are a few of the items I walked away with and how I put them together for Opening Day (can you tell I'm not much of a baseball fan considering the fact I'm not wearing any orange or black?- Hey, I enjoy the atmosphere!). 

In all honesty, I just discovered and wanted to wanted to give it a try so get ready for many more outfit collages! 

Currently Coveting- 4/12/12

I've decided to make "Currently Coveting" a weekly segment since I pretty much add things to my wish list daily. I swear as soon as I buy things I need (or "need" since I use that as an excuse to buy everything) I think of five more things I wouldn't mind's a vicious cycle. So without further ado here are my most recent obsessions:

I'm basically in love with this entire outfit but most of all I'm needing (see?) these shorts! Aside from the fact that the pattern is gorgeous and contains such beautiful colors, the scalloped hem is pure perfection. The jacket is also beyond beautiful but am doing my best to restrain myself. I also love that the shorts come in seersucker which is just perfect for the summer. Plus they're reasonably priced!

Lately I've had a thing for sunglasses (sidenote: I detest people who call them "sunnies"- UGH!). I never used to allow myself to buy expensive pairs since I, single handedly, have the worst track record with losing them (which is so out of character for me since I never misplace anything- but that's neither here nor there). But since I have managed to hang on to the same (third) pair of Ray-Bans for almost three years I've given myself a reprieve. 

In February I fell in love with a pair of Marc Jacobs shades on I ordered them and low and behold they take up, literally, half of my face. Thank goodness they didn't set me back too much (since they were final sale so I'm stuck with them). I'm still trying to convince myself they will get some use at the pool and beach this summer (good sun protection right?). Then I bought the Tory's. Now I'm looking for a final pair of cute, well-fitting aviators and I am falling hard for this pair of Lilly shades. Except, of course, they cost a pretty penny!

My favorite past time over the summer is running. It is just a little hour, or so, of personal time to decompress from the day. I adore going when I get home from work when it is starting to cool off and the sun's starting to set- it's just heaven. So I am in the market for a new pair of kicks (honestly think that may be the first time I've ever called them that) and this is the pair I've got my eye on. Of course I'm undecided on the color since the ones I really love are sold out in my size so we'll have to see. 

I have a few other trinkets on my list but I think I'll save those for next week! 
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