Friday, April 13, 2012

Currently Coveting- 4/12/12

I've decided to make "Currently Coveting" a weekly segment since I pretty much add things to my wish list daily. I swear as soon as I buy things I need (or "need" since I use that as an excuse to buy everything) I think of five more things I wouldn't mind's a vicious cycle. So without further ado here are my most recent obsessions:

I'm basically in love with this entire outfit but most of all I'm needing (see?) these shorts! Aside from the fact that the pattern is gorgeous and contains such beautiful colors, the scalloped hem is pure perfection. The jacket is also beyond beautiful but am doing my best to restrain myself. I also love that the shorts come in seersucker which is just perfect for the summer. Plus they're reasonably priced!

Lately I've had a thing for sunglasses (sidenote: I detest people who call them "sunnies"- UGH!). I never used to allow myself to buy expensive pairs since I, single handedly, have the worst track record with losing them (which is so out of character for me since I never misplace anything- but that's neither here nor there). But since I have managed to hang on to the same (third) pair of Ray-Bans for almost three years I've given myself a reprieve. 

In February I fell in love with a pair of Marc Jacobs shades on I ordered them and low and behold they take up, literally, half of my face. Thank goodness they didn't set me back too much (since they were final sale so I'm stuck with them). I'm still trying to convince myself they will get some use at the pool and beach this summer (good sun protection right?). Then I bought the Tory's. Now I'm looking for a final pair of cute, well-fitting aviators and I am falling hard for this pair of Lilly shades. Except, of course, they cost a pretty penny!

My favorite past time over the summer is running. It is just a little hour, or so, of personal time to decompress from the day. I adore going when I get home from work when it is starting to cool off and the sun's starting to set- it's just heaven. So I am in the market for a new pair of kicks (honestly think that may be the first time I've ever called them that) and this is the pair I've got my eye on. Of course I'm undecided on the color since the ones I really love are sold out in my size so we'll have to see. 

I have a few other trinkets on my list but I think I'll save those for next week! 

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