Sunday, April 22, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

So I'm in the midst of a, slight, personal dilemma (actually two dilemmas, but I digress). I am, quite possibly, the most indecisive person on the planet. Which means I am in desperate need of some fellow opinions on two future purchases, help a sister out, PLEASE!:  

New Duvet:  
So I have been in the market for a new bed spread since I came home from college, yes a whole year ago. And I think I may finally have found one I love! What's the problem, you ask?Well I kind of, simultaneously, fell in love with three and can't decide which to buy. 

A little background information:
 My bedroom is hot pink (a disastrous decision I made in high school- to give you an idea of the color it's similar to the one photographed above) with white furniture (my bed is very similar to the one in the first photo of option 1). I am hoping to paint my room in the near future but would like my comforter to still work in my room until I have the time to paint. I also want a comforter that I can grow with, nothing too juvenile. I was leaning toward something navy since I (shocker) love the color, but I have white sheets piped in hot pink grosgrain ribbon. So I want to make sure I buy something to match (since I love those and would rather not purchase new sheets, as well). As you can tell I'm just a little bit picky. So here are my three options, please let me know what you think! 

This was my favorite option, originally. Now I'm worried the pattern might be too busy. 

Here it is a little closer. 

The pink in this would match my sheets, but worry with the pink walls it will be a little overwhelming (I feel like I'm living inside Barbie's Dream House sometimes). 

So I thought about maybe getting it in Navy but then I still have the same conundrum of whether or not it will clash with my sheets. I also worry about it showing dirt since Skyler loves to lay on my bed. 

I loved this one before the other two came out but now think this is my least favorite, but still thought I should include it in the choices, just in case! 

On to the second predicament of the day: 

Tory Burch Clutch:

I have fallen in love with her "Logo Clutch" but cannot decide what color is the most practical. 

Option 1: Brown 
I originally wanted brown because I thought it would go with the most based on my wardrobe. I tend to wear a lot of navy and have a great deal of brown shoes. But at first this purse sold out and I was forced to look into other alternatives. Of course with my luck the purse became available again but I had already started loving the other two options.  Now I love them all and can't decide! 

Option 2: Gold
I think the gold is actually my favorite since I think it will go with the most. I tend to wear gold jewelry the most and think it will work with black, brown, and navy. My only concern is, is it too formal to wear with everything? Also, the main problem is Nordstom is no longer showing it on their website (and I really would prefer to buy it there to get the points on my card and since I just love their customer service). So I'm hoping if this is the one I decide on that they might be able to locate it in stores. (They only have the silver online). 

Option 3: Last, but not least, Black

They always say black goes with everything but I know in my experience it doesn't, necessarily. I think black is probably the most classic choice but I worry I wont' get as much use out of it. But none the less here are the two black choices...

Or the more subtle Black Logo?
Let me know what you think!!

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