Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter is the New Memorial Day

Guidelines for Wearing White Jeans 
Let me first begin by saying I love white jeans. I think they are chic and perfect for the summer. But I also think there is a time and a place for them. There is a lot of debate about when it is appropriate to begin wearing them, and I personally believe there are a two stipulations for when you should be allowed to wear white jeans.  

1. I personally adhere to the philosophy that Easter is the new Memorial Day. This is the absolute first day it is acceptable to wear white jeans. It allows you at least another month and a half more time than if you waited until Memorial Day. 

2. When wearing them in the spring, it must be a warm day (I'd say 65 degrees and above). Otherwise, stick with regular blue denim. They are too summery to be worn when it is chilly out. 

If you are bold and decide to ignore rule number one at least make sure it is a warm day. Nothing stands out to me more than a girl wearing white when it's 45 degrees outside. 

Here are a few pictures of the different styles and ways in which to wear them: 
Straight leg, skinny jeans: paired with a bright top and wedges. This is a good look for the spring since the shirt has long sleeves (I know I would personally die here in Baltimore during our humid summers if I wore this in July). I do think this is a summery look, however, so I would save this for at least May. 

Cropped white jeans: I think this look is more spring appropriate. The colors of the shirt are more muted, but still bright enough for the season, and the purse is darker, as well. This would be perfect to wear right now. 

Footwear: Here are two options for what to wear on your feet. The brown ankle boots are perfect for the spring since you never really know how cold it is going to get with the fickle weather. The platform heels are more appropriate for summer. 

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