Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Essentials

Everyone has them, staples in your lives that you just cannot live without. I've already shared a few with you but thought I would give you a more comprehensive list on everything that I need to survive.

1. Lilly Planner- Even though I'm not in college anymore (still can't believe it, a year later) I honestly cannot live without my planner. It serves as both calendar for upcoming events and documentation for previous ones (yes I actually go back and pencil in important things so I know when they happened). It honestly keeps this crazy, compulsive person in line. And it's a really fun creative outlet to color! 

2. My Sunglasses- I literally cannot go anywhere without them. 

3. Rosebud Lip Salve- For some reason my lips constantly get chapped and this is the perfect solution. It also give a little bit of a gloss effect (this particular one is clear but they also have a red tinted one, as well). 

4. Kissing Elixirs- From a very young age my grandmother ingrained in our heads not to chew gum, she hated the way it looked and sounded. While I usually still keep a few spare pieces in my purse, I am starting to agree with my grandmother. It is extremely unbecoming to see a girl chomping away like a cow. This is my solution, I am OBSESSED! I make everyone I know try this stuff. It genuinely freshens breath! It has a mint and vanilla taste to it and lasts a long time. I completely recommend this- and NO CHEWING! 

5. Longchamp- I 'tote' all these essentials around in my longchamp ( I am in desperate need of a new one since I have loved this one to death). It is the perfect bag for every season, the one I am using now is navy but I'm looking at the khaki for the next one.

I never used to be much of a shoe girl, I preferred to spend my money on clothing but I have since reevaluated my stance. I believe it is important to invest in a few good pairs of shoes that are versatile and will go with the majority of your clothing, this way you don't have to spend money on hundreds of pairs. Here are a few of my suggestions that I can't live without 

1. Jack Rogers- The Easter Bunny was nice enough to bring me a new pair in platinum. I would suggest this shade for everyone since in person it is somewhere between gold and silver and is slightly more muted than Jack's version of those two shades. This doesn't limit you with jewelry! And I think it's a nice pop to an outfit! 
2. Michael Kors 'Pressley' Pump- I, literally, could not have made it through this winter without these shoes. I fell in love with them for the two-toned color! To have a brown AND black shoe is so versatile- they go with practically everything! And they are super comfortable 

3. Frye 'Jane 14' Boot- While we are moving out of boot season (YAY!) I still need to recommend these boots. When I wasn't in the above heels, I was wearing these. They are the most comfortable shoes I own! I have my pair in brown and they appear to be sold out on Nordstrom but I'm sure you can find them elsewhere. Definitely worth investing for next fall and winter. 

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