Saturday, May 26, 2012

In Another Life

I usually only put things on my wishlist that I could actually envision myself buying because, well, otherwise it's just torture but I have fallen in love with some rather high priced merchandise. I would totally add these to my closet if I...won the lottery (because that's pretty much the only situation in which I could justify buying them). If I had someone else's life (and bank account) these would be my first purchases

This Milly Dress is absolutely perfection

 This color block dress is by DVF.

This neon green lace shift is also by DVF. 

These Jimmy Choo's are Kate Middleton's formal shoe of choice and they are divine! I am in love with them! 

And meet the newest addition to my closet which I am obsessed with: 
These are by Michael Kors- think I'm going to be wearing these out on the town tonight (they're super comfortable!) 


  1. that color block dress is a dream! Love your blog :)

    Liz @ Shorely Chic

  2. I was just about to suggest a Lilly dress to go for a possibly less expensive option than the DVF neon shift...imagine my surprise when the similar Lilly was only $20 less than the one you want!


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