Monday, May 14, 2012

Work It Out

This summer I am going to be nannying, which means that I am going to be spending lots of time at the pool (hopefully getting a great tan). So I have been scouting out some bathing suits that I wouldn't mind adding to the wardrobe, considering that fact that it is pretty much going to be my uniform. (I'm justifying buying them this way). 

I really love the style of this top from J. Crew

 I kind of really want a one piece for this summer. This one is from J. Crew

I have a Lilly Bandeau bathing suit and it's my absolute favorite so I think I need to buy at least one more. 

I just need this bathing suit, plain and simple. 

Along with bathing suit shopping, I have been attempting to whip my body into bikini shape, as well. Here are a few tips I learned from 

Add Black Beans to Your Diet 
I love black beans so this trick won't be difficult for me at all. One cup has as many as 15 grams of protein! 

Have Oats for Breakfast
They're rich in Fiber 

Eat Brown Rice 
We all know that white rice isn't the best for us, so substitute it with brown rice 

Drink Some Wine 
Drinking a glass of wine can boost your calorie burn for up to 90 minutes (this one's an easy one). Substitute wine for hard alcohol 

#1 Tip- Eat Half a Grapefruit before Every Meal 
The tangy taste can lower insulin and is also a good source of protein. It's also 90% water so it can fill you up

I've also been doing these simple exercises before bed and can DEFINITELY feel a difference in my thighs. Here are two of my favorites: 

I don't pretend to be an expert on any of this, but I figured a little something was better than doing nothing! Remember to consult your physician before any major fitness changes

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