Friday, June 29, 2012

Jet Setter

In the up coming weeks I'm going to be doing a substantial amount of traveling (one weekend to New York, and possibly the Hamptons, and to Atlantic City and the beach the following weekend). Both adventures are reunions of sorts, so I am unbelievably excited. In New York, I'm going to be visiting my best friend Lauren and the Atlantic City trip is to meet up with my sorority sisters from college. I honestly cannot wait! (Not that I'm wishing away one of my favorite holidays, I'm just eagerly anticipating).Jet Setter

As you can probably guess, I've been mentally deciding what I am going to be taking. I will most likely do another post on what clothes I take (either before or after the trips) but I thought it would be fun to show you what essentials I plan on packing (especially for the bus or car ride there). 

First, the bags: 
The pink ikat patterned bags are by Scout. They are waterproof and light weight. My mom has used their bags for the pool and beach for years and we love them. I think this pattern is absolutely fabulous (as you know I'm as sucker for anything pink and navy- and ikat for that matter). Momma bought me the makeup case last weekend, as a little surprise, and I love it already. I keep my new baby Clarisonic, and it's charger ect., in there. It's the perfect travel bag. 

I also recently purchased this new Longchamp bag. I have been using them since high school and, honestly, cannot say enough good things about them. (One even ended up being my Mother's Day gift to Momma, this year). A few months ago I discovered this style and have been dying for it ever since (there is no top zipper, just handles, so it varies from the classic). I originally wanted it in their khaki or olive colors but, of course, they sold out before I had a chance to get one. So I decided on the white. Yes, I am deathly afraid of it getting dirty, and I am also aware that means I can only use it a few months out of the year but I am still really excited about it! I think it will be a great, fun, everyday summer bag (I'll just have to be super careful not to put it down anywhere). 

While these bangles will be far from the only jewelry I pack, they are what I am most excited about. I recently bought this starfish bangle and haven't had a chance to wear it yet but I just love it. I think it's the perfect accent piece to any outfit. And the plain gold bangles compliment it so well. 

Tech Accessories: 
Can't go anywhere without my phone! And of course I need some tunes for the long bus, and car, ride. It's, honestly, one of my favorite parts of the trip, just looking out the window, listening to my music (is that sad?). 

Currently, I'm reading Commencement by J. Courtney Sullivan and am really liking it. It's a pretty easy beach read about four girls who meet in college and form a lasting bond, and follows them as they reunite to be bridesmaids at one of the girl's wedding. 

And, of course, a stack of magazines! 

Finish it off with my trusty sunglasses and my obsession, Bobbi Brown Beach, and I am ready to hit the road! 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sarong? Or So Right?

Lately I have been seeing these Pareo skirts popping up everywhere. From what I can gather Pareo skirts are similar to sarongs in that they are a large piece of fabric that is tied in particular fashions to make items of clothing. I really like them but am concerned I wouldn't know how to tie it correctly, or worse, it would fall off! But I do think they look extremely comfortable, cool for the summer months, and effortlessly chic. 

This is hands down my favorite one I have seen 
It is by Tuckernuck. I absolutely love the shades of blue, I think it would be the perfect piece for a post-beach day, evening out. 

This skirt is also by Tuckernuck, but as you can see it is tied in a shorter style. 

I also love this scarf print skirt (not sure if it's technically a Pareo) from ASOS. The colors are gorgeous 

So tell me, have you gotten in on this trend? Is it difficult to make the skirt actually stay on? 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

All Tied Up

I have always loved the 90's for so many reasons, only one of which is the fashion. I mean how can you not love bright spandex with oversized t-shirts? And who could forget those flannel shirts and micro mini skirts. And of course, my all time favorite, the Spice Girl platforms! Notice anything about these trends? They have all be resurrected in one way or another, with a slightly more modern twist, in the past few years. But the newest trend that seems to be resurfacing is the tie-front shirt
All Tied Up

Now I was all over this trend the first time around and was still on the fence about it's recent comeback until I saw this Theory blouse 

I mean really, is this not the cutest shirt you've ever seen? The $215 price tag is just a tad more than I'm willing to spend for a simple shirt but ugh, if only I won the lottery...

So now I'm completely on board with this trend and think it has some real potential. It's a cute touch for a summer outfit and it adds a little something extra. Pair any shirt above with white jeans or shorts for a crisp, clean look. 

Now how long until these babies make a reappearance? 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beauty Product Review

The other day I decided to stop by the mall (what else is new?) and pick up the Marc Jacobs bracelet I told you about. (I warned you I wasn't going to be able to hold out for long). But, when I got to Nordstrom I got a little sidetracked at the makeup counter and never ended up getting the bracelet. 

I recently told you that I was going to try some lipstick for, pretty much, the first time. Well, I found the perfect shade! I wanted something a little fun, that would add a pop of color. This is the shade I came up with...
It's Rouge Pur Couture #26 by, obviously, YSL. It is so cute! It's a little bright so be prepared for that if you decide to purchase it, I just think it will look cute with a pretty neutral outfit and, of course, a tan. 

I also suckered into purchasing a Clarisonic Mia and let me just say, I'm already obsessed. 

I can actually feel it working. I was hesitant, because it has a rather hefty price tag ($119) but feel it's a worthwhile investment (especially since all I do now for my skin is use regular face wash). The only thing I have noticed is that it's kind of drying out my skin so I invested in some good facial moisturizer by Neutrogena

It's so nice, not too thick! 

Finally, I said a long time ago I would let you know my thoughts on Moroccan Oil.

 Well, I'm in love! It makes my hair smell fantastic, it has made it softer, and has repaired my split ends. It's just fantastic!

Do you have any beauty products to recommend? 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Makeup Essentials

I've never fancied myself much of a makeup girl. My daily routine pretty much only includes coverup, for any blemishes, and a little bronzer, to brighten up my face (a key ingredient during those winter months). On nights out I add a little bit more. But I thought I would share with you some of my summer essentials that I just cannot live without:

Summer Makeup Essentials

1. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics body moisturizer- I have fallen head-over-heels for this lotion. Suntan lotion has always been my favorite smell on the planet and this moisturizer just reeks of summer to me. I cannot get enough. 

2. Stila bronzing powder- To even up strange tan distribution 

3. Stila makeup- A little blush to brighten up those, already, flushed cheeks 

4. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics mascara- To make those eyes pop

5. Yves saint laurent lipstick- This is the big one- I have never worn lipstick. All of my friends have embraced the fierce red lips trend and whenever I have attempted to put it on, I feel I look like a clown and inevitable take it off immediately. So I have given up on red, but feel like a nice pink could really do wonders. I think it would pop with a nice tan so I am determined to try this one out and this shade looks like perfection. 

6. Aquolina Pink Sugar- I tried this perfume when I was a freshman in college (I actually received it as a gift) and have never looked back. I, honestly, cannot tell you how many compliments I have gotten on it. (It actually smells like vanilla or cotton candy). It's kind of funny because people now recognize it as my scent when they smell it. There is also a Pink Sugar Sensual that has a little bit more of a kick, I definitely need to try it.  

7. Kate Spade Small Henrietta Travel Kit- And of course a cute cosmetic case to house all your goodies! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Luck Be a Lady

Lately I have been very into jewelry. I made yet another trip to Nordstrom today and added a few trinkets to my jewelry box and to my wish list. 

I have always had a thing for Dogeared necklaces. I've given them as gifts many times and they have always been well received. But I've never actually bought one for myself! So today I finally broke down. I fell head-over-heels for this four leaf clover necklace. At first I loved the charm because I'm Irish, but now I love what it signifies even more! I mean really, who couldn't use a little extra luck? 
It says "Wear your necklace as a reminder to live each day believing you are lucky, and you will be". That is most definitely something I would like to remind myself daily when I put it on. 

I also bought these earrings by Tory Burch 

I felt that since we share a name the T was appropriate! I've coveted these for so long, so I am extremely excited about them. 

I was debating between the pair I purchased and this pair
These are probably more me, but I thought the T's were more prominent on the other pair. Plus I already have simple gold balls so I didn't want this pair to be too similar. 

I also fell in love with these Marc Jacob's bracelets. 

The wrap bracelet is fantastic. I tried it on in a grey color. The benefit was it was super easy to put on by myself. I really think I'm going to need to purchase this in the near future. 

The bangle is darling. So dainty and feminine. I like it because it would be a perfect stacking piece in a group. It was definitely difficult to walk away from these. 

I have also been in love with the Kate Spade Gumdrop earrings for a long time.

 I originally wanted the hot pink or green but now I'm leaning toward the white because they will go with everything. Hmm I just don't know!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Currently Coveting: Navy and White

Few things scream summer to me more than navy and white. It's crisp, nautical, and patriotic! I love this color combination all year round but find it particularly appropriate during the summer months. Even though it's hard to believe, the 4th of July is rapidly approaching so I've been scouting out some appropriate summer dresses for the occasion. Here are a few looks I definitely wouldn't mind wearing to a BBQ or to watch some fireworks (or any other day, for that matter!)

This adorable Vero Moda Striped Skater Dress is a complete steal at only $18.23! I definitely cannot pass this one up

This Skater Dress with Color Block Woven Skirt comes in two color combinations, grey and coral, but I think the navy and white is flawless. Add some red earrings or necklace and you are good to go! 

This Midi Dress with Crochet Dipped Hem is so retro and fabulous! I also adore it in white

I am fascinated by this peplum trend. I have yet to try on anything of this silhouette but have a feeling I'm going to fall instantly in love. It seems to me this style would be flattering on just about everyone (accentuating the good qualities while camouflaging the bad). This Rare Broderie Peplum Dress would be perfect for a night out on the town.

The pattern of this dress is what initially caught my eye. I think the ikat quality is too beautiful. This Summer Midi Dress in Smudge Spot Print looks like the perfect summer dress to me. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Reunited and It Feels So Good

I hope everyone had a fabulous and relaxing weekend, I certainly did. After last weeks jam packed schedule, I finally had a moment to catch my breath and hang out with my friends

Like I said last week, my best friend Lauren came back down from NYC! She's lived up there for almost a year now and for the first few months my other best friend Lauren and I tried to make the trip up to visit her about every other month (I'll take any excuse to go to the city!). But this time I hadn't seen her (except for a quick trip to get fro-yo when she was home for one night last month) since February!

It was so great having the 3m (as we call ourselves) back together again! We're already planning our next trip up.

Here's a shot from saturday night with the other Lauren

Of course I did some shopping during my  Totally Tory day and these outfits were the result of that:

1. The first two photos I'm wearing a dress from South Moon Under 

2. In the second picture I'm wearing a new anchor shirt from there as well. Paired that with some white jeans and my Jack Rogers wedges and I was good to go!

Of course I also hit up J. Crew. I was originally only looking for a shirt to go with a skirt I had ordered from them a week ago

I can't find the identical skirt on their website anymore but this is very similar (mine is neon pink). Mine is the linen version. I didn't have any luck in the shirt department (I was looking for something to wear to the Orioles Game we attended Saturday)

So I decided to get these little buggers

They are navy eyelet and are slightly high waisted. I just love them for the summer! I wore them to the game on Saturday and they were so comfortable! 

Finally last night we relaxed and enjoyed an old Maryland favorite, some crabs! 

But like I said, it's back to the grind now. Keep your fingers crossed it doesn't end up raining tomorrow so I can take the kiddos to the pool! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Totally Tory

Am I the only one who thinks this week has lasted forever? Maybe it's just me, but after this long, exhausting, week I am glad to see the weekend approaching! It's an understatement to say I don't do well with change, I absolutely detest disrupting my routine. But this summer I am forcing myself to step out of my comfort zone (after all, that's the only way you grow, right?). For the past four summers (and this past school year) I have worked at a preschool and have loved every minute of it! But this summer I was approached with the opportunity to become a nanny. I loved the idea of actually getting to spend days at the pool, instead of on a hot playground. But now the realization of my decision is setting in. I miss all those little people! It's definitely an adjustment having to find things to occupy an entire day. I'm sure I will get used to it and learn to love it, it's just so different from what I'm used to doing! On the bright side, the family is fantastic and I am confident we are going to have a wonderful summer!

I also have the added benefit of only nannying three days a week (that was the real draw that led me to this job)! So I have a fabulous, four day weekend looking me in the face and the only question is, what to do with my day off tomorrow? Since I'm gearing up for a busy weekend, with a reunion with my two best friends (who are both named Lauren), I have a day full of wonderful, pampering errands planned- I call this a "Totally Tory Day".  I'm definitely seizing the day tomorrow! 

First, and in my opinion most importantly, is sleeping in. I am in desperate need of a good nights rest (I'm still not on this new schedule that consists of working nights at a clothing store and early mornings to relive working parents). 

After this I plan on getting a mani/ pedi, hopefully with Momma- if she is able to leave work early, and enjoy some Starbucks- it's right next door- how perfect is that? 

 Then, of course, some shopping for a outfit (or two) for the weekend. Hey- what's the point of working if not to spend the money? I found a great top at one of my favorite, regional, stores South Moon Under. But I also wouldn't mind finding a nice summer dress, since it's starting to get hot here. 

And finally, if time permits,  I wouldn't mind laying out and enjoying my book. 

What activities relax you? Always remember to pamper yourself too

Home Goods

First off, I apologize for being MIA for the past week. Yet again, I have been working nonstop and am just too exhausted at night to write anything but tonight I have a little surge of energy (thanks to a little cat nap I took earlier this afternoon) so I have a few minutes to catch up!

Last Thursday I made my first trip to Home Goods with Momma. Well let's just say I'm hooked, I've been two more times in the past week. It's unbelievable. Recently, I've been on a redecoration kick for my room (since it doesn't look like I'm moving out in the near future- which my mom is quite happy about). A few weeks ago I looked around and realized I was living in a high schooler/college students room, of which I am neither. So I decided some changes needed to be made. The big thing to me was it was time to retire a great deal of my knicknacks. I have acquired so  many wonderful, sentimental, trinkets over the past few years of college (especially through AXO), yet no longer feel as though they need to be constantly displayed in my room.  One thing about me, while I am verge OCD and crazy organized, I am a pack-rat. I have serious difficulty getting rid of anything that has sentimental value. But I forced myself to pack up my memorabilia and store it in our basement.

This is my ultimate inspiration. I love the coral and green. I have just recently ordered a very similar duvet and pillow shams to this photo (I'll have to share when they come in). 

Since I don't think I have the funds or time to make my room exactly like this one in the near future, I have been attempting to make little changes to enhance my organization and make my room bearable, in the mean time. 

First, my new lamp from Home Goods. It was a little pricey for a lamp but in hindsight I think it was well worth it. It's rather large in person (the photo doesn't to it complete justice) and it such a wonderful statement piece. Plus I like that it's timeless, not too trendy. This is a new addition to my desk. I also purchased a great deal of picture frames there in order to add a level of uniformity to all the photos in the room. 

I have also gone to great lengths to de-clutter my desk. All office supplies are in a newly cleaned our cabinet. (Next step if getting rid of those old curtains!) 

On Sunday night, I had the idea of going to Target to look for a new jewelry box and found this shelf. I had the idea of hanging it above my dresser (since I already have a number of mirrors around the room) to help store my longer, chunky, necklaces. It also had the added benefit of storage. 

Here's a closer look at the shelf.

Finally the top of my book shelf. While I'm trying to figure out which furniture should stay, and which should go, I have decided this is one thing I absolutely cannot part with. As I've said I love to read and I just cannot bare the thought of getting rid of my books.

I am genuinely enjoying this process and cannot wait until the whole thing is finished (and is no longer pink!)
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