Tuesday, June 26, 2012

All Tied Up

I have always loved the 90's for so many reasons, only one of which is the fashion. I mean how can you not love bright spandex with oversized t-shirts? And who could forget those flannel shirts and micro mini skirts. And of course, my all time favorite, the Spice Girl platforms! Notice anything about these trends? They have all be resurrected in one way or another, with a slightly more modern twist, in the past few years. But the newest trend that seems to be resurfacing is the tie-front shirt
All Tied Up

Now I was all over this trend the first time around and was still on the fence about it's recent comeback until I saw this Theory blouse 

I mean really, is this not the cutest shirt you've ever seen? The $215 price tag is just a tad more than I'm willing to spend for a simple shirt but ugh, if only I won the lottery...

So now I'm completely on board with this trend and think it has some real potential. It's a cute touch for a summer outfit and it adds a little something extra. Pair any shirt above with white jeans or shorts for a crisp, clean look. 

Now how long until these babies make a reappearance? 


  1. love the blog, so I'm a new follower =)

  2. Love the tie up shirts! Bright colors with white jeans are my staple in the summer. I'm not so sure about the shoes though ;)


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