Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beauty Product Review

The other day I decided to stop by the mall (what else is new?) and pick up the Marc Jacobs bracelet I told you about. (I warned you I wasn't going to be able to hold out for long). But, when I got to Nordstrom I got a little sidetracked at the makeup counter and never ended up getting the bracelet. 

I recently told you that I was going to try some lipstick for, pretty much, the first time. Well, I found the perfect shade! I wanted something a little fun, that would add a pop of color. This is the shade I came up with...
It's Rouge Pur Couture #26 by, obviously, YSL. It is so cute! It's a little bright so be prepared for that if you decide to purchase it, I just think it will look cute with a pretty neutral outfit and, of course, a tan. 

I also suckered into purchasing a Clarisonic Mia and let me just say, I'm already obsessed. 

I can actually feel it working. I was hesitant, because it has a rather hefty price tag ($119) but feel it's a worthwhile investment (especially since all I do now for my skin is use regular face wash). The only thing I have noticed is that it's kind of drying out my skin so I invested in some good facial moisturizer by Neutrogena

It's so nice, not too thick! 

Finally, I said a long time ago I would let you know my thoughts on Moroccan Oil.

 Well, I'm in love! It makes my hair smell fantastic, it has made it softer, and has repaired my split ends. It's just fantastic!

Do you have any beauty products to recommend? 

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  1. I have been using moroccan oil fo some time now, and it is making my hair smoother! Thank you for all of your great tips! I love your blog!
    Xo Charlotte


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