Thursday, June 7, 2012

Home Goods

First off, I apologize for being MIA for the past week. Yet again, I have been working nonstop and am just too exhausted at night to write anything but tonight I have a little surge of energy (thanks to a little cat nap I took earlier this afternoon) so I have a few minutes to catch up!

Last Thursday I made my first trip to Home Goods with Momma. Well let's just say I'm hooked, I've been two more times in the past week. It's unbelievable. Recently, I've been on a redecoration kick for my room (since it doesn't look like I'm moving out in the near future- which my mom is quite happy about). A few weeks ago I looked around and realized I was living in a high schooler/college students room, of which I am neither. So I decided some changes needed to be made. The big thing to me was it was time to retire a great deal of my knicknacks. I have acquired so  many wonderful, sentimental, trinkets over the past few years of college (especially through AXO), yet no longer feel as though they need to be constantly displayed in my room.  One thing about me, while I am verge OCD and crazy organized, I am a pack-rat. I have serious difficulty getting rid of anything that has sentimental value. But I forced myself to pack up my memorabilia and store it in our basement.

This is my ultimate inspiration. I love the coral and green. I have just recently ordered a very similar duvet and pillow shams to this photo (I'll have to share when they come in). 

Since I don't think I have the funds or time to make my room exactly like this one in the near future, I have been attempting to make little changes to enhance my organization and make my room bearable, in the mean time. 

First, my new lamp from Home Goods. It was a little pricey for a lamp but in hindsight I think it was well worth it. It's rather large in person (the photo doesn't to it complete justice) and it such a wonderful statement piece. Plus I like that it's timeless, not too trendy. This is a new addition to my desk. I also purchased a great deal of picture frames there in order to add a level of uniformity to all the photos in the room. 

I have also gone to great lengths to de-clutter my desk. All office supplies are in a newly cleaned our cabinet. (Next step if getting rid of those old curtains!) 

On Sunday night, I had the idea of going to Target to look for a new jewelry box and found this shelf. I had the idea of hanging it above my dresser (since I already have a number of mirrors around the room) to help store my longer, chunky, necklaces. It also had the added benefit of storage. 

Here's a closer look at the shelf.

Finally the top of my book shelf. While I'm trying to figure out which furniture should stay, and which should go, I have decided this is one thing I absolutely cannot part with. As I've said I love to read and I just cannot bare the thought of getting rid of my books.

I am genuinely enjoying this process and cannot wait until the whole thing is finished (and is no longer pink!)


  1. I'm an AXO too!! So nice to meet sisters! Loving your blog too- super cute!!

  2. Ah no way! Thanks so much, love your blog too!


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