Monday, June 18, 2012

Luck Be a Lady

Lately I have been very into jewelry. I made yet another trip to Nordstrom today and added a few trinkets to my jewelry box and to my wish list. 

I have always had a thing for Dogeared necklaces. I've given them as gifts many times and they have always been well received. But I've never actually bought one for myself! So today I finally broke down. I fell head-over-heels for this four leaf clover necklace. At first I loved the charm because I'm Irish, but now I love what it signifies even more! I mean really, who couldn't use a little extra luck? 
It says "Wear your necklace as a reminder to live each day believing you are lucky, and you will be". That is most definitely something I would like to remind myself daily when I put it on. 

I also bought these earrings by Tory Burch 

I felt that since we share a name the T was appropriate! I've coveted these for so long, so I am extremely excited about them. 

I was debating between the pair I purchased and this pair
These are probably more me, but I thought the T's were more prominent on the other pair. Plus I already have simple gold balls so I didn't want this pair to be too similar. 

I also fell in love with these Marc Jacob's bracelets. 

The wrap bracelet is fantastic. I tried it on in a grey color. The benefit was it was super easy to put on by myself. I really think I'm going to need to purchase this in the near future. 

The bangle is darling. So dainty and feminine. I like it because it would be a perfect stacking piece in a group. It was definitely difficult to walk away from these. 

I have also been in love with the Kate Spade Gumdrop earrings for a long time.

 I originally wanted the hot pink or green but now I'm leaning toward the white because they will go with everything. Hmm I just don't know!

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