Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm Back! Sunday Social Week 2

This past week has been mayhem, with the Fourth of July and my trip to NYC, I haven't had a spare second to write on here. My apologies! I thought I would start by catching up on the Sunday Social I missed

This weeks theme is one of my favorite things- TV (I honestly could talk for hours about my shows) 

Favorite TV Show of the Past: Well I guess it's technically a show of the past now (tear) considering it ended this past season, One Tree Hill. I own every season and rewatch them all the time. I would tune in every single week to see what craziness ensued. I was absolutely addicted (and in love with James Lafferty). 

My close seconds are: Sex and the City, Friends, Will and Grace, Greek, and Dawson's Creek 

Favorite current TV show: Gossip Girl and Glee have me tuning every week during the year but I'm not as religious about them as I was about One Tree Hill. I find myself having to play catch up online sometimes, with these shows. I also have to admit that I watch General Hospital and occasionally The Bold and the Beautiful (I'm such an old woman). I also really got into GCB this season. I am also a huge Mad Men fan but also fall behind on episodes. 

I also like my reality shows: Teen Mom, Dance Moms, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and New Jersey (the other seasons bore me), Bethenny Ever After (basically anything with Bethenny I love- I watch her talk show online since I don't get it in my area)

Which Reality Show would you NEVER do: I don't even know if this show is still around but you couldn't pay me to participate in Fear Factor. I would have been out in the first challenge! Similarly, couldn't hack it on Survivor or The Amazing Race (I'm an indoor girl)

Which Reality Show would you LOVE to do: I wouldn't mind being a Housewife! (But then again I guess the stipulation would be I would need to be married first). But I love the drama on there and, come on, who wouldn't want their extravagant lifestyle? I also would totally go on The Bachelor, or better yet be The Bachelorette, mainly for the vacations they go on. Plus, I think it would be hysterical. My friend and I, honestly, almost tried out at the casting call in Baltimore just for the free trips! (Because I do not believe anyone finds love on that show)

Which TV personality/character do you think is most like you: Hmm I would probably have to say Charlotte from Sex and the City just based on her attitude toward life. We really do have very similar ideals, and faults for that matter. But I also feel like I identify a lot with Carrie in the series, asking the same questions ect. 

Which TV character would you date: Nathan Scott in a heartbeat! So in love with him! And obviously, Chuck Bass...wow! 

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