Friday, July 27, 2012

Let's Get Physical

As you know I love to run. In all honesty, it takes some serious motivation to actually get me to go but once I start, and of course when it's over, I'm so happy I went. Being an only child I relish alone time. I like having a few minutes each day to just think things over. So running is just that, a little me time (it's also the best medicine when you're stressed out). But I am far from a workout junkie. My biggest issue is getting into the routine, once I get used to exercising every day, or every other day, I truly do enjoy it. But with my random schedule it's difficult to carve out a certain amount of time each day. But I try my best to fit it in when I can!

I despise treadmills.  I would so much rather run outside. I usually run on a track, mainly because I like to know exactly how far I've run and how far I have left to go. But I recently discovered the Nike Running App and have been running on the street. It is simply amazing! It notifies you of your distance, your speed, and how many calories you burn. It even catalogs all of your runs so you can see your progress (plus it cheers you one which is super cute).

I've become very particular in what I wear, because it's definitely a time you want to be comfortable. I usually wear a racer-back tank and Nike or Under Armour capris (but they need to be tight at the knee). I used to run in norts all the time but I kind of find shorts to be a pain because they're constantly shifting. The last thing you want to be worrying about is how your outfit looks! Last week I bought some running tops are Nordstrom's Anniversary sale (the one pictures above is my fav!).

But, by far, my biggest endorsement is for the Nike Free Run+3 shoes. They are out of this world! They honestly feel like air. If you haven't already, go and try them on and you will see what I mean.

What do you wear to workout? 


  1. I TOTALLY agree with what you said about Norts. I really dislike running in them because they always move around and I always feel like I am adjusting them. Such a pain! I love the tight running tops!

    1. Thank goodness someone else agrees! I thought I was the only one haha

  2. Love this post! Such a good idea to incorporate working out clothes in your blog!


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