Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So Clutch

Clutches are seriously the best kind of purses. They are compact, cute, but still have enough room to carry all your most vital essentials. While I have banned myself from buying any new purses in the near future, that hasn't stopped me from having seriously obsessions about a few. 

So Clutch

I have been lusting after, literally, every clutch in this picture for months. What clutches are you dreaming of? 

Also, I've been wondering, do you use your clutches during the day? Or do you save them for the evening? I usually use mine, primarily, at night but am curious what others philosophies are...fill me in!


  1. BAHAHA! Love that you say you have banned yourself from buying any new purses. I've pretty much banned myself from shopping period. But yes, we can dream can't we?!? Just found your blog and I've loved getting to know you better. I'm excited to follow along!

    new follower :)

    1. It's so difficult haha! Thanks so much for following!


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