Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stella and Dot

I came home from work today to find a package sitting on the kitchen table. I got really excited hoping it was the new iphone covers I ordered, but alas it was addressed to Momma. Last thursday night she went to a Stella and Dot party and ordered a few pieces of jewelry (she was even sweet enough to pick up something special for me!). Well let me just say, this jewelry is the cutest thing I've seen in awhile! 

I've never been to one of the parties (I was actually babysitting for the woman hosting it) but now I'm determined to make an appearance at the next one! 

First, can I just say I'm obsessed with the chunky, starfish necklace in the photo above. I haven't been able to locate it on the website (especially now that everything appears to be turing over to the fall line) but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I might be able to get my hands on it if I make it to one of the parties. 
She picked up this unique bracelet. I love it because it has so many different elements associated with it; there are the brown, wooden beads that make it casual, the rhinestone beads that make it slightly more dressy, and the turquoise bead that I just love. I think it's such a cute stacking piece. 
Momma bought these adorable studs for me. How cute are they? I think they will go with absolutely everything. Wearing them as we speak 

Last, but certainly not least, this is the final piece my mom bought. I'm completely in love with it. 

You can wear it as a two or three strand. It's the best color turquoise too. She is so nice she is going to let me share these new, beautiful pieces of jewelry. 

I went on the website and found some other things that were super cute. 
This bangle is fabulous. I've seen similar ones, but I'm a sucker for anything navy, as I'm sure you know. 

Finally, how amazing is this necklace? I think it would go with so much. 

Do you have any Stella and Dot pieces that you love? 


  1. OMG - love that black and white bracelet with the bow, I think I need it!

  2. The studs are adorable! You will definitely get a ton of use out of those!

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