Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Social Week 3

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, I am still in recovery mode from my trip to Atlantic City at the moment but it's time for this weeks Sunday Social so the show must go on! 

This weeks questions, appropriately, revolve around travel. 

Best trip you've ever been on: This is a difficult one for me since I have been on so many wonderful vacations but I think I would have to say my trip to Vegas last year. Eights of the girls from my pledge class booked a trip to Vegas in January, right before we went back to school. It was, honestly, the most fun four days of my life! I was a little hesitant prior to the trip, I didn't think Vegas was necessarily my scene but it was amazing! We decided this weekend that we're going back next year! If you haven't been, you simply must go. 

My very close second choice would be my vacation to Montego Bay, Jamaica with the Alpha Chi girls for our senior year spring break trip. It was absolutely gorgeous and we had so much fun! 

Best idea for a girls weekend trip: I would have to say something like this past weekend. I think a trip to the beach is the perfect setting to just catch up with friends, just relax and have some wine. (Sidenote: I tried the skinny girl wine for the first time this weekend. I'm obsessed with her mixed drinks- have had every flavor and was dying to try the wine. I definitely recommend it!) 

Best trip on the cheap: You might think I'm crazy for saying this, but New York. Transportation there is really reasonable (I take the bus all the time) and if you book in advance the rates are really great. Once you're there, it's obviously an expensive city, but there are so many things to do there that don't cost a thing! The main expenses revolve around food and where to stay. 

Place you most want to visit: I'm dying to visit Europe! I want to go to Paris, London and all over Italy. It sounds like pure heaven! 

Vacation necessities: For me, the most vital thing is a good book. While traveling, there is a lot of down time, so something to entertain you is key. I also could not live without my ipod while taking a trip. And, of course, comfortable shoes! 

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  1. I visited London and Paris two years ago and it was unreal! I hope you can fulfill your dreams one day and go!

    xx, Savannah


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