Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday Social Week 5

It's that time of the week again, Sunday Social! It's amazing how every week the questions feel so relevant to what's going on in my life. This weeks questions center around careers. Over the past few months I have really been struggling with the decision of whether or not to follow the path I have been on since high school or to follow my dream. After much soul searching, and many long discussions with my parents, I have decided to deviate from the safe path and take a risk to follow my dream. (Anyone who knows me can understand just how big of a change of plans this is). I've never been someone who enjoys taking risks, I like staying in my comfort zone, but I realize that if I don't do this now, I never will and while this is probably the scariest thing I have ever done, I don't think I've ever been more confident in any decision. 

But enough about all of that, on to the questions! 

1. What is your dream job? The career path I have decided to pursue is in journalism. Ideally I would love to do something in the fashion industry and to ultimately become an author.

Emily Giffin is my idol!

2. If you had just won the lottery and didn't need to work, what would you do with your time? I would definitely volunteer. I would love to travel to third world countries and try to aid in any way I could there (my cousin just went to Africa and said it was a life changing experience, and my grandfather was an ambassador to UNICEF, so I would like to follow in their footsteps) . I would also probably keep the job I have now, I'm a preschool teacher and absolutely love my job so I wouldn't mind doing that. I have always dreamt of designing clothes so I might finance my own line. And of course I would definitely put all that money to good use and travel! 

3. When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up? I was very indecisive as a child (imagine that!) so I changed my mind a lot. The main ones I remember were teacher, doctor, and actress. As I got a little older I really wanted to be a designer. But for the most part my opinions changed with every movie I saw. 

4. What piece of career advice would you give someone starting out in your field? Considering that I'm just starting out in my field I don't really have too many words of wisdom. But if I were talking to an aspiring teacher (since I do have experience with that) I would definitely tell them to have patience. Some days are definitely better than others so it's important to not give up! Also to enjoy them, preschoolers especially, are so sweet and funny so remember to enjoy your time with them! 

5. Biggest pet peeves either in life, the blogging world, or at work? I have a lot of pet peeves but one of my biggest is when people discuss other people I don't know. Nothing worse than the two people you are with carrying on a conversation you have nothing to add to. I just think it's rude and inconsiderate. I hate being interrupted. I don't like being rushed (which can be very necessary though because I am habitually running late). Bad drivers also really get under my skin. 

6. Biggest Fears? Failure would probably be the biggest fear I have for my own life. I also worry about anything bad happening to the people I love. I'm also terrified of snakes and spiders. 

So there you have it! Sorry they're a day late. Happy Monday! 


  1. Aw I am glad you decided to follow your dreams! You will be a wonderful author someday :)

    1. Aw thank you so much! That really means a lot!


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