Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Weekender

With the recent trips I've been taking, I have been on the lookout for a good, new overnight bag. I use them so frequently that I tell myself that it's a worth while purchase.

I alternate between a few different ones, but I've had all of them for awhile now so I think it's time to add a new one into the rotation.

I have a large Longchamp which is great because they are deceivingly large. It's also a great pool bag because they're waterproof. But I really like different compartments in my bags, to store things, and since these don't have them everything kind of falls to the bottom.

I have a set of Baggu bags to keep all of my little trinkets safe and organized but it still isn't enough. Plus, I have had this particular bag since freshmen year in college (it was my school bag for awhile) so I'm kind of ready for something new.

I also use my Vineyard Vines tote bag frequently. It has four pockets (three open and one zipper) that I love. The main problem with this bag is that it's smaller than it looks. When I take it to the pool, I usually have to carry my towel. Which is really a problem when I want to spend the night out. I am a terrible packer, I always over pack so this bag really only allows me to pack what I'm going to sleep in and what I'm going to wear the next day and nothing else (I can barely fit shoes in here). 

The third bag I alternate between is my Tory Burch tote. It's a nice combo between the two above because it's pretty roomy and also has two pockets in it. 

But ideally I would like a duffel bag. I have tons of Vera Bradley ones, but I only ever really use my jumbo one anymore (literally that thing has been with me every where! It's just so roomy). But aside from that one, I'm kind of over them and would like something a little more grown up. 

So take a look at what I found! 

This bag from J.Crew is only $36! And it looks like it would be the perfect size for a weekend away! I seriously need to purchase this one right now. 

I'd love to know, what bags do you use for a night out or a weekend away? 

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  1. I am also an overpacker and agree it's hard to find an overnight bag that is just a bit bigger than the Longchamp. I have a Lesportsac in a Lilly print called "Passerby" that is a great size but I can only use it in spring/summer. Go for the J. Crew bag!


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