Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Goodnight Moon

In college, my roommate would always make fun of me before we went to bed because I would have to make sure my pajamas matched (just one example of many of how I'm a control freak). I would always tell her "You never know who you're going to meet in your dreams. So I want to look my best, just in case!". But in all seriousness, sleepwear is important!

First and foremost, it must be comfortable. I've actually had to get up and change if my clothes aren't right. I've gone through a few different fazes about what is the most comfortable to me. In high school I had to sleep in pajama pants, even in the middle of the summer. Now, I must sleep in shorts, even in the winter (I get too hot when I sleep in anything else). I also can't sleep in long sleeves unless I'm sleeping in the actual arctic (or really chilly air conditioning).

So as you can see, I have a lot of stipulations when it comes to sleepwear. So I'm constantly scouting good p.j's here are a few I've found:

I'm completely in love with this Lorient Short Pajama Set by Marigot. I think these would work with all of my crazy demands plus the patterns are beyond adorable.

They also have gorgeous nightshirts 

J.Crew has great pajama sets and nightshirts (and you can have them monogrammed!)

This short sleeve top looks so nice and fresh for an Indian Summer

I've also coveted their nightshirts for awhile, they look so comfortable.

It should come as no surprise that I love stripes, practically half of my closet has some sort of stripes on it.

This pajama set looks so cozy. It would be perfect for the winter months

This Betsy Johnson nightgown is super precious and it's on sale!

How cute is the back?

And when all else fails a good pair of boxers are perfect and these by PJ Salvage are really cute!

Sweet Dreams! 


  1. I love sleeping in nightshirts! They're soooo comfy!

  2. @Clairepurvis sorry I accidentally removed
    your comment, but totally agree they're much cuter! Glad to have you as new follower!


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