Thursday, August 16, 2012

More Decisions

I'm turning to you, my dear readers for some serious help! As you know, I've been stashing money away in my Louis fund and just about there, but I've reached a rather large dilemma, I don't know what bag to get! 

For as long as I can remember I've lusted after the Speedy 30. It's been my dream bag since I was a little girl. But the closer I get to actually purchasing it, I'm starting to have second thoughts. 

Here are my concerns: 
1. I carry a lot in my purse and I worry I won't be able to fit it all (I regularly have my planner and a book in there, in addition to all my normal purse necessities) 

2. Since I carry so much, my purse often gets extremely heavy and I'm worried I will get tired of toting (no pun intended) my bag around on my arm. I'm so used to putting a bag over my shoulder 

1. You can dress it up or down so I would definitely be getting tons of use out of it! 

2. It's such a classic bag! 

I also love the Neverfull MM tote. I see people with them everyday and am so envious. They seem like the perfect bag 

1. It would hold all of my stuff (especially with teaching I'm going to be carrying a lot of stuff back and forth from home to my classroom) 

2. I love shoulder bags so it would definitely be comfortable for me 

My concerns: 
1. I want to get a bag that I will use for years to come (since it's such a big investment), I don't want anything too trendy 

One day I lean one way and then the next I completely flip flop. So I'm coming to you and asking your opinion. Do any of your own either bag, if so how do you feel about it? Which do you think I should purchase? I'm dying to know!! 


  1. I have both bags and your right- they both have their good/bad points. I'm currently carrying the speedy (since its summer and I have the light color) and its a nightmare to find anything inside! Same really goes for the Neverfull too because I cram so much in it. But the speedy is worse and unless you get one with a strap you can only arm carry it. Overall I think I like the Neverfull better because I love tote style bags. I'm sorry if I didn't help you at all! Good luck though!!

    1. No, thank you that was a huge help! I think I'm leaning toward the Neverfull because I, too, like tote style bags. Thanks so much for your insight!

  2. I was debating between the Speedy and the Neverfull recently also and ended up getting the Neverfull. I ultimately chose it because I was in need of more bags I could use for work to carry files around and it has been perfect.

  3. i have both bags, and i like the neverfull much better. don't get me wrong, i love my speedy too but not as much as i used to. i also carry a lot in my purse and the fact that the speedy has only two mini handles wasn't really convenient. and i agree with miss andrea lee, it truly is a nightmare when you're looking for something in it. somehow i find it easier with the neverfull since it opens more. and sure, i've seen a lot of neverfull around lately too but i don't think it's a too trendy bag, i actually think it looks pretty classic.

  4. I've been dying for one myself, and my husband refuses to pay the price. I keep saying I'm saving, but then have buyer's remorse before I even do it. I look at how dirty my bags get, how I toss them on the ground, in my car, etc. I can't do that to a Louis! :) I thought they had a lifetime guarantee though, so that may help. I do love the look. It's so classic, regardless of what you are wearing. Can't wait to see pics once you buy. :)

  5. I think the Neverfull is perfect! It can carry all of your things, but it is a timeless Louis Vuitton piece! I don't think it's too trendy in the case that it'll go out of style, plus you can use it for basically any occasion and it fits all of your important items! Either way, they are both wonderful bags and I bet you'll enjoy and love the choice you make! :)

  6. Thank you everyone for all of your suggestions, they helped SO much!!


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