Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Spectacular Sale

As most of you know, the Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale began yesterday. There were a few minor hiccups in the process (they were supposed to start the sale at 8:00am, than delayed until 4:00, and ultimately got the site up and working at 6:00pm). I have to admit I was getting a little frustrated, mainly because I couldn't sit by my computer all day and didn't want the items I was interested in to sell out.

But I got lucky, once I returned from dinner the site was pretty much functioning normally and I was able to add a few things to my "tote" and checkout.

I lust after bathing suits all the time but find myself having difficulty purchasing pricey ones since they are only practical three months out of the year. I have one Lilly bathing suit that is hands down my favorite but has stopped myself from buying another one based on the price tag (I have a lot of Target suits in my wardrobe). But once they went on sale there was no stopping me!

The suit I have is in a blue pattern from a few years ago so I really wanted a pink patterned one. I've been lusting after this one all season. It comes to approximately $70 all together (including both top and bottom) which is more than half the original price ($146). I'm thrilled!!

Confession time, I detest my feet. I dislike feet in general, but mine are seriously ugly (my friends often refer to them as alien toes). So I'm always looking for cute, close toed shoes (plus I find them more practical for chillier weather). Last spring Lilly introduced the Resort Chic Wedge Closed Toe and I immediately fell in love. Even though I was dying for them, I thought the price tag was a little steep so I held off buying them. Well imagine my surprise when I saw them available on the summer sale, for $50!! (They were originally $225, I believe).

I am SO excited for these to come! Unfortunately they are sold out on their website now but if you might get lucky on ebay.

I had to restrain myself after these three items but there are some fabulous deals. Tell me, how was your Lilly sale experience? Did you get anything wonderful?


  1. I went online this morning after the chaos yesterday with the site crashing and I was still able to score, two pairs of shorts, a skirt and a dress for $160!! I was so shocked, plus free shipping so that was just perfect!


  2. I bought the resort chic closed toe when they first came out- had to have them! And they are still my favorite! Perfect for work and dressier occasions too!


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