Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Greatest Shopping Experience

Well ladies and gentlemen (if there are any gentlemen who read my blog?), I finally took the plunge. No, I'm not engaged. I bought my Louis Vuitton!! 

Thanks to all of the wonderful advice I received from my dear readers and my lovely momma (not including to 20 minutes I stood in front of the mirror at the store alternating between the two bags), I ultimately came to a decision...the Nervefull MM tote!! 

And here she is! 

Ultimately, it just suits my life better. I honestly could not be more thrilled! 

I must say that I had the most wonderful sales associate assisting me. I went in with my mom about a week and a half ago, hoping to narrow it down then and had the same lady. She wasn't pushy or disappointed when I informed her that my purse fund wasn't quite large enough just yet to make the purchase that day. I was thrilled when I walked in Thursday night and saw her standing there because I really wanted her to get credit for the sale. She was so nice she even let me put my belongings in the purse to make sure everything fit haha (thank goodness it was a slow night). So after I made the big buy she asked us "Would you like to toast your recent purchase with a glass of champagne?". Well I'm never a girl to turn down champagne so you know we took her up on her offer. (Let me just tell you it was delicious!). So Momma and I wondered around the store and took in all the merchandise. She even told us the story of a new Japanese artist who is collaborating with Louis Vuitton, who has a very interesting story. It was pure perfection! (I wanted to take pictures for you guys, but of course dumb me who never goes anywhere without her phone, accidentally left it at home.) 

So there you have it, the decision has been made. Thank you all for your helpful insight! I have no doubt I made the right decision! 

Stay tuned for an updated "What's in my Purse" post coming soon! 


  1. That is just gorgeous! Congrats! I can't wait to purchase my first Louis Vuitton.

  2. Look at her...she's gorgeous! What a fun new purchase. Congrats!

  3. Thank you both, I'm so excited about it!

  4. She is absolutely beautiful!! I am excited for you. I think that making big plunges are definitely worth it in the end.



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