Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Belated Sunday Social Week 12

So obviously this is fashionably late, but I figured better late than never, right?

1. What is something you've wanted to do but are afraid of? For as long as I can remember, I have dreamt of moving to New York City. It has been the one goal in my life I have refused to compromise on and am making this dream a reality rather soon. But as the reality of me moving away from home begins to materialize, I'm completely terrified. Aside from the obvious fear of just being able to pay my bills, I'm also really nervous about leaving the vast majority of my friends (and most importantly, my parents) to move to a completely new city. I'm lucky because I have two of my best friends living in the city already and am planning on moving with another one of my best friends but I have gotten so spoiled leaving so close to so many of my high school and college friends that I genuinely get a little pit in my stomach when I think about moving. Don't even get me started about how worried I am about missing my parents (and puppy), I have kind of blocked that out of my mind, for right now. But I know that if I don't do it, I will regret it for the rest of my life. Plus everyone is just a short bus or train ride away (and I'm going to force them to visit often!).

2. Where do you see yourself in five years? When I was younger I had a very strict schedule for the rest of my life but have failed to complete every milestone by the alloted timeframe, so it just goes to show I really have no clue when it comes to this stuff. Wherever I am I hope I'm happy surrounded by people I love.

3. What are you looking forward to before the end of 2012? This is my absolute favorite time of year, I'm excited for fall weather, my high school reunion, Thanksgiving, my birthday, seeing if the world ends on December 22, and Christmas.

4. What are your hopes for your blog? I'd love to see it expand. I have such blog envy for other people and would like for my blog to eventually reach the caliber of those I most admire. I also want it to be entertaining and fun for everyone who reads it. I can't tell you how each and every follower and reader means to me! I also want it to always be fun for me to write.

5. Do you always see yourself living in your town/city? No, as I've probably bored you to death telling you, I am moving to New York. But I do envision raising my family here. I will definitely move back, eventually.

6. What is your morning routine? I would just like to say I am NOT a morning person and leave very little time to accomplish things in the morning. (I shower and do my hair the night before, and attempt to pick out my outfit...makes things much easier in the mornings)
7:15- Wake up
7:15-7:30- Scroll through facebook, catch up on most recent blog posts, post my blog post, check
7:30-7:40- Eat cereal (almost always Special K), read that mornings headlines on
7:40-7:45- Wash face, brush teeth
7:45-7:50- Apply makeup (with the previous days The View playing in the background- I'm addicted)
7:50-8:05- Get dressed, make bed
8:05-8:10- Leave house for work
8:30-4:30- Work

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  1. How exciting to be moving to New York. I've always said I wish I had tried that for at least a year or two. It's such an amazing city, and will make for incredible memories!


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