Monday, September 17, 2012


First off let me apologize for being MIA for the past few weeks, with school starting back up and dog sitting last week I've been kind of swamped and my schedule has been crazy but I'm back and ready to go! 

My September "issue" of Birchbox arrived last Thursday and I wanted to share what was in it. This months theme was Fashion Week, aka "The September Issue" 

1. boscia- Oil-free Nightly Hydration- "The preservative- free moisturizer refines pores while soothing away irritation." I'm always waiting for a new moisturizer so I can't wait to try this one 

2. Color Club- Birchbox Custom Polish- "We teamed up with Color Club to create this custom shade, inspired by the Fall 2012 collections." I got a fabulous bright blue that I'm dying to test out 

3. Jouer- Matte Moisture Tint- "This SPF 15 oil-free tinted moisturizer blends in beautifully to even out skin and control shine."

4. kate spade new york- Twirl- "A blend of fruity and floral notes, this modern classic feels joyful and carefree." I'm kind of loyal to my pink sugar but have always loved kate spade's twirl 

5. twistband- Birchbox Custom Lace Hair Tie- "Designers went gaga for lace this season and we don't blame them. Get on board with these ouch-free hair ties." I have been using these new hair ties for awhile now and I'm obsessed, they're so much more comfortable and leave less of a crease in my hair (plus they're much cuter).

6. Mighty Leaf Tea Company- "Swap your afternoon latte for these yummy tea blends, made for natural, ethically sourced ingredients." I really detest tea so this will definitely be passed onto someone else 


  1. Everything in this box looks so cute. I'd like to try the Jouer- Matte Moisture Tint or perhaps the Boscia hydration. Maybe you can do a review on them when you get a chance! :)


    1. I'll be sure to fill you in after I try everything out!!


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