Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oscar Does It Again

For the past two weeks things have been insanely crazy, so I'm just now having a chance to catch up on some Fashion Week looks I missed and all I have to say is that I was blown away by Oscar de la Renta's Spring 2013 collection. It was literally flawless. Here are the main looks that I am completely obsessed with: 

 The colors and the lace of this dress are amazing. And, seriously, who doesn't adore a bejeweled belt? 
 Oscar is always all about the bold accents to make a statement and this is absolutely gorgeous. Plus I'm a serious sucker for stripes! 
 Sign me up for anything with an oversized flower! 

The crystal detail on the two dresses above is breathtaking. They are so feminine, I just love it. 

But this dress is definitely my favorite! 
I wish I had somewhere to wear this gown (perhaps when I'm on a red carpet with Bradley?- kidding...kind of) 

What are your thoughts on Oscar's (yes we're on a first name basis) line?
What was your favorite show of Fashion Week? 

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