Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Social Week 13

Sunday Social time again people, this weeks questions pertain to childhood...

What do you miss most about being a child? Now that I'm in the real world and staring down the reality of being an adult, I miss the carefree-ness of childhood. Seriously, my biggest concern back in the day was whether or not I was going to pass my spelling test on friday. Things were just much simpler...Oh and everyday when my little darlings drift off  to sleep I deeply miss nap time. I constantly tell those who refuse to sleep that they will regret that someday!

Did you have a nickname growing up? If so, what was it? Other than my actual name (Tory is short for Victoria- I was named after my grandmother) I had a few nicknames. My parents both have terms of endearment for me, Momma calls me Missy Moo- not really sure how that go started, and my dad calls me Treasure-rather self explanatory. My other grandmother calls me Bit, because when I was very young I couldn't say "Victoria", I would pronounce it "Bit-oria", and it kind of stuck.

What was your favorite thing to do at recess? Talk! That's literally all I ever did. Oh and check out the boys.

What did you want to be when you grew up? I feel like I wanted to be a million different things. I know actress was a big one for a long time, until my dad informed me that that was like a one-in-a-million shot. I also wanted to be a pediatrician and a teacher (that was a big one, I actually set up a school in my basement and made my parents buy me teachers books). But the strangest ambition I had was to be a librarian, I had a little library in our guest room and I even put little note cards in all of my books for the checkout and return dates.

What was your favorite toy? 

Hands down it was Playmobil, I was obsessed! Being an only child I figured out ways to amuse myself from a very young age but I literally could spend five hours at a time playing with my doll house. I think I had practically everything ever made by the company. I had the doll house, with extra floor, the farm house, the hospital, the school, and everything else under the sun. I saved it for my children one day.
A very close second were my American Girl Dolls. I treated them like living beings. They went everywhere with me, bucked into the car, obviously!

And of course, Barbies.

What was the funniest thing you did as a kid that your parents still remind you about? I would have to say that the most infamous story in my household was when I took riding lessons at five years old. My father and grandfather were amazing riders, so from a very young age it was assumed that this would be a hobby I would partake in and love. Finally I got to be old enough and my dad signed me up for a camp when I was five. I still remember him taking me to get all of my (very expensive) riding gear- we still have the helmet- I couldn't have been more thrilled. To say that I was attached to my parents would be a colossal understatement so when the day finally arrived when I was supposed to start I started whaling when my dad dropped me off. Well the riding instructor, who I'm still convinced was part witch, wasn't having it and yelled at me to stop crying which, obviously, only made me cry more. The rest of the week went on in a similar fashion and let's just say it was a less than positive experience for all involved. Basically my parents spent tons of money on a hobby they thought I would love, only for me to completely find it torturous...but hey that's me, I never do things the easy way! My dad still teases me to this day and insists I still hold a grudge against the riding instructor.

We have this photograph framed in our living room.

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  1. new follower from the link up.

    the story about horseback riding is hilarious!! it sounds like something i would do! my mom signed me up for dance when i was in preschool and for some reason, we had to say the pledge of allegiance before we started and i refused to and the lady yelled at i cried. and quit dancing there only to sign up at a new studio that was a lot of fun! haha.

    1. It's so funny how these memories have stuck with us! Some teachers are just plain mean!

  2. My American girls were my babies. I got so obsessed with them that I had to have a new one every year. At the summer camp I worked at this summer the girls didn't even know who half of the dolls were that I had, they have totally new girls now!

    1. I know! I was babysitting over the summer and the little girl had an American Girl catalog so I flipped through it and half of the dolls I had are discontinued- so sad!! I mean, really how could they get rid of Samantha?!


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