Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trendy Tuesday: Skulls

Another one of my friends and I (shout out to Julia) were discussing the, recently, ever present trend of skull merchandise. Normally I would instinctively assume this one was a little too dark for me (and while I'm still not sure it's really my style) I do think there's something to it. If I ever decided I was daring enough to try this I would have to work it into my accessories, I'm not bold enough for anything else. Here are a few looks I could actually see myself attempting to pull off

 These shoes are pretty amazing. At first glance you can't initially see that they are skulls, but at further inspection they, of course, are. I think these paired with a black sweater and skinny jeans would be a fabulous look. 

As you know, I adore scarves. I would normally be drawn to this, but styled correctly, I think it could be pretty phenomenal! 

Jewelry is always a fun way to showcase a trend, and this skull bracelet is great. It's dainty and would be perfect for stacking with other bangles. 

My go to for incorporating trends into my wardrobe without dropping tons of dough, is through accessories. It's the easiest way not to commit to a trend, but still look relevant. Tell me, what are your thoughts on skulls? Would you be daring enough to risk this? 

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