Friday, October 5, 2012

Indian Summer

I hate to complain (oh who am I kidding, I love to complain) but am I the only seriously sick of this bipolar weather? Now I love summer and am still trying to make the most out of these 80 degree days, but I'm growing antsy to wear all of my fall clothes. Plus, I'm kind of running out of cool clothes that don't scream summer. I wouldn't even mind it as much if the temperature stayed in the same range, but here it's 50 or 60 degrees when I leave for work in the morning, but in the upper 70's by late afternoon (and I'm dying of heat exhaustion on the playground). I adore my state because I get to experience all four season, I must say ten times a day "there's a reason I don't live in Florida". Call me crazy but when I think Halloween I don't think balmy temperatures. 

It's so hot here I can't even really wear jeans, so I'm forced to still rock the shorts which I'm so tired of! I also can't get too dressed up because little paint covered hands inevitably find their way to my clothes at some point during the day. 

Here's my uniform for the past few days. 

Indian Summer

J.Crew Slim Fit Tee / J.Crew Chino / Jack Rogers Shoes / Tahitian Pearl Earrings

So I appeal to you my dear readers, what are you transition outfits because I'm running out of ideas? 


  1. I am having the exact same problem! I hate this transition weather- its 80 one day then 50 the next.


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