Monday, October 1, 2012

Style Icon: Blair Waldorf

It's no surprise that I adore everything Gossip Girl, I've hooked from the first chapter of the first book, and have watched religiously through the whole series. With the final season premiering next Monday I thought it was only appropriate I share my love for Blair and her wardrobe. It's funny, in the books I strongly disliked Blair and loved Serena (I pictured very differently from Blake Lively) but once the television series began I realized my taste was much more similar to Blair's.

Like her personality, Blair's style is not one to shy away into the background. She makes a commanding presence and isn't afraid to be different from those around her. She's never afraid to take a risk with her clothing and rarely do I not like the combinations she comes up with. (I do have to admit I was less than in love with her hair last season, way too dark and stringy- to me, season 1 and 2 Blair will always be the best).

My favorite element of all the pieces in her wardrobe are her bold accents and color choices. It's really the perfect color for her skin tone. 

Blair's favorite color is definitely red, she rarely misses an opportunity to incorporate it into an outfit. 

This gown is absolute perfection. 

I loved that the mixed up accents with the girls uniforms. 

Another color that Blair wears often is green.

I'm obsessed with both jackets. Interesting both were featured in season finales, wonder if that was on purpose? 

One thing Blair is never afraid to rock are patterns. 

 You may remember, this is one of my favorite looks ever featured on the show. 

This is another one of my all time favorite looks. 

Here formal gowns are jaw dropping. 
This over sized bow is amazing! 

But no one does simple like she does. 

I think these are my two favs. (Gosh it's so difficult to choose). 

I'd love to know, what's your favorite Blair look? 


  1. I'm seriously obsessed with every look featured on this post!! I'd have to say my favorite would be the first "simple" look with the blue dress and red belt. She is absolutely the most stylish character on that show (which is quite an accomplishment!)

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    1. I have to agree, the blue dress is one of my favorites too (so classic). Plus it's one of my favorite scenes of the whole show!

  2. i LOVE gossip girl, i watched all the seasons on netflix in about 2 weeks. have you checked out their boards on pinterest!? amazing!

    1. It's so addicting, right?? I have, they're phenomenal!!


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