Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Social: Week 16

This weeks question are all about All Hallows Eve. Let me begin by saying I detest all thing Halloween, I mean I hate it with a serious passion. To me it's like New Years Eve, it's hyped up but never really lives up to your expectations. Plus I never have a good costume because a. I'm too lazy or b. refuse to spend money on something I'm going to wear for one day. I think I wouldn't actually mind the holiday if someone picked out exactly what I was going to be and told me exactly where I was going to go. But enough of my little rant, on to the questions

1. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid? Pictures? I couldn't find any pictures of this one but I was a princess when I was in the second grade. My parents spent an obscene amount of money on this gorgeous princess costume only for me to try it on and tell them it was "too itchy". But looking back now that was seriously an amazing costume. I also liked being a "beanie baby" during the hight of their craze in the fifth grade.

2. If you could go back and dress up as anything what would you be? I don't know what I would be but I would definitely redo my three year old costume, it was a hand-me-down dinosaur from my cousin, my male cousin.

3.  Favorite costume as an adult? Pictures? Since I never really love any of my costumes I'd probably have to say last year when I was a ballerina. It was the first time in awhile that I put actual thought into it.

4. Favorite Halloween candy? I like the fruity candy, I could live on Skittles, I love Starburst, and Gummy Bears are my jam. But somehow we never give that candy out?

5. Favorite Halloween memory? I used to love it as a child, one year we had a pizza party at my house before all of my friends and I went trick-or-treating. 

6. What's your favorite scary movie? I'm still terrified of The Ring. But, even though it's not a movie, I'm addicted to American Horror Story.

I do have to admit I'm looking forward to this year because I get to see all of my little pumpkins dressed up in their costumes (they've literally been discussing them since the first day of school). We have a big party and a parade so that should be exciting (if we don't all get blown away by hurricane Sandy).

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  1. Newest follower here! I found you through the Sunday link up! Cute blog, I can’t wait to read more!

  2. Aww, I bet all of the kids will look adorable! Sorry you're possibly facing Sandy. Be safe!


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