Friday, October 26, 2012

Tory's Story

Last Thursday night, Tory Burch was interviewed on NBC's Rock Center. It's no secret that I adore everything Tory, from her lovely name (obvi), to her flawless taste, I'm kind of in awe of her. I've followed her career from the first, one page, feature in Vogue about 8 years ago through her current legal woes with her ex-husband, Chris Burch. I'm pretty enamored with everything Tory.

It sounds sort of cheesy to say, but her rise in the fashion world is an inspiration. She had some serious credentials, having worked for Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren, and Harper's Bazaar, but lacked any real, hands on, design experience. She majored in Art History at the University of Pennsylvania, but admits to not having business or fashion design backgrounds. But she loved clothing and developed, what she refers to as, lookbooks which contain various styles that she felt were missing in the fashion world. Based on the positive feedback she was receiving from these books, she and her then husband, Chris Burch, decided to open her own company. They raised 10 million dollars from private investors (mostly close friends) and contributed 2 million of their own money to gamble on Tory's fashion sense. And boy did it pay off! Tory went from having eight employees working in her kitchen, to having over 2000 employees and 36 free standing stores (not to mention the department stores that carry her merchandise, as well as other stores that are in production). What a success story!

I've always felt that fashion is one of the most competitive, and difficult, industries in which to become successful.  Just look at The Devil Wears Prada! But this is such a captivating story. 

One funny thing I saw in another interview with her, was that she isn't really into logos (which, of course, is basically her whole brand). She never anticipated having her company being associated with a certain logo.

Well Tory has gotten a great deal of business from me in the last few days. I bought Momma her birthday present, and I purchased two pairs of shoes. She really can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned. 

Caroline Suede Ballet Flat - These are the most comfortable flats! I find her Reva's a little painful, they took a long time for me to break in but these are amazing! 

Are you as inspired by Tory's story as I am? What are your favorite pieces of hers, lately? 


  1. I love those ballet flats! Tory makes the BEST shoes.


  2. Tory has gorgeous pieces! Is that the wallet you got for your Mom? Gorgeous! Love your blog :) I'm now following you



    1. Yep, that was her b-day gift! Thanks so much for following!


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