Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trendy Tuesday: Two Toned

Last year I feel in love with a pair of Michael Kors shoes that I literally wore into the ground (pun intended). I loved that they had two colors, so you can bet I really got my wear out of them! But this year I see that trend popping up just about everywhere. (But don't you forget you heard it here first!)

Here are some of my favorite interpretations of this trend.

The following three pairs are from J.Crew.
These are almost identical to the Michael Kors pair, but basically the inverse.
I love the color and texture combination of this pair. What a statement! 
These scream holiday season to me. I would love to wear these to a Christmas party! 
These Kate Spade wedges would go with everything

I am a big proponent of getting your moneys worth of something, and I think these shoes are just the ticket. You're not limited to one color pallet. I'd much rather spend a good amount of money on one or two pairs of shoes that I know are comfortable (my biggest stipulation) and will go with everything, rather than spending less money on several pairs that are limiting. If you're like me, this trend is for you. 

1 comment:

  1. The snake & neon are already on my wishlist, and I love all your other finds!

    :) Maigen


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