Thursday, December 13, 2012

Every Girl Needs...

I've decided to start another series (Trendy Tuesday will be making a comeback next week) about staples for every girl to have in her wardrobe.

Photo credit to Avenue Maria 

I saw this phenomenal quote on prepaganda; "The true mark of a good wardrobe is one item a thousand times, rather than a thousand items once". This is my philosophy when buying clothing, I think it is important to make investments in pieces that are stylish, yet timeless. I would ultimately rather spend a little more money up front to purchase something I will be able to have for years and that I will be able to get a great deal of wear out of, as opposed to extremely trendy pieces I will only wear once or twice.

So the first item on my list of wardrobe must haves are a pair of fun, feminine shoes. 
Photo Credit 

These are the type of shoes Carrie Bradshaw would drool over. Since I try to be practical with my money, I usually attempt to spent it on items I can wear with anything, but sometimes a girl just has to splurge!

Fashion is ultimately about fun and while it is important to buy items that are practical (and comfortable) it's also important to purchase things that make you excited just to put them on. That is how I feel about one of my birthday presents:
Kate Spade flat
While in New York a few weeks ago I fell in love at first sight. These Kate Spade shoes are just the most fun things I've seen. And while I was torn with purchasing them in black, imagining I would get more use out of them, I figured it was time to have a little fun with my wardrobe!

I'd love to know, what pair of shoes do you own that make you just happy to put them on?

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