Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Social: Week 19

Sunday Social time again! 

1. What is your favorite Holiday season tradition? Every year we go an cut down our Christmas tree as a family. It's such a fun tradition to do together! 

2. Do you have a certain Holiday movie you watch more than others? If so what is it? Love Actually and It's a Wonderful Life (watched it last night actually)

3. Show us your favorite decoration or pinterest decoration you wish you could have

4. Favorite Holiday song? A tie between All I want for Christmas is You (surprise surprise right?) and Last Christmas. But I love ALL christmas music so I'm happy with pretty much everything. 

5. Favorite Holiday dessert? Red velvet cupcakes? 
6. What is on your wish list this year?
The three main things are: 

A Kindle Fire 

A Burberry Brit 'Copford' Quilted Jacket 

Lululemon pants 

As well as a long list of Lilly lusts.

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