Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Trendy Tuesday: Bangs are Back

A decision I have been struggling with for over a year is whether or not to get bangs. I know it sounds trivial but I, like most people, am very particular about my hair. My friends can certainly attest to the fact that I spend an obscene amount of time doing it (it's pretty much the main reason I'm always late). So I hesitate to make a relatively permanent decision concerning it. I go through phases where I want to cut it short, but immediately after I do I want to grow it back again. This is why I'm concerned about bangs, I worry I will feel the same way once I do it. I have resigned myself to cutting them several times, but every time I get to the hairdresser I back out. But I'm pretty sure I'm going for it this friday because, well they're everywhere

Lea Michele is one of my favorite style icons. I always get super excited to see what she is going to wear come award show season. She is the main reason why I wanted to cut bangs in the first place. 

Her character, Rachel Barry, was seriously annoying in season 1 of Glee but I found myself actually rooting for her in season 2 (and she has since become one of my favorite characters). I have to admit, some of it is attributed to her new hairdo (and her new wardrobe- which has only improved since). 

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What I admire most about her bangs is her different ways to style them. She can wear 
heavy blunt bangs, 
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sweep them to the side, 
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or pin them back all together. They're so versatile! 
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I used to say Kate Middleton could do no wrong. While I'm still standing by my opinion, I have to admit I wasn't too in love with her new bangs. The way I saw it, her hair was her thing so why mess with it?

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I read that even Kate wasn't too thrilled with them. But in true Duchess fashion, she has since altered the way she styles them, and now I think I'm kind of a fan. 

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It's no secret that I'm a fan of The View. I watch every days episode when I come home from work. One of my main attractions is seeing what Elisabeth Hasselbeck's wearing. And while I rarely (if ever) agree with her, the girl's got style. 

Last week she boldly went were every hairdresser fears, she cut her own bangs! Now these are the ones I'm dying to copy. I think they're nice and subtle and would be easy to maintain.

So what are your thoughts on bangs? Should I do it or will I regret it?

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