Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Birchbox: December

I tried to get Decembers Birchbox in under the wire but missed it by a few days...oh well (note to self: new years resolution- be on time more)! Last months box came a little late but I must say the company did a great job of making it up to us- Birchbox points to use in the store! I'll take any excuse I can to get new products. 

I think Decembers box has been the best one yet. I'm so excited for everything in it. 

1. Benefit Cosmetics: it's potent! eye cream: Feign eight house of sleep with this peptide-infused eye cream, which helps fade pesky dark circles using coca extract.

2. Juliette Had A Gun: Mad Madame: Turn Heads with this provocative new scent. The green chypre blend fuses a metallic-tinged rose oxide with a hint of black currant.

3. Number 4: Clarifying Shampoo: Gentle enough for everyday use, this unique cleanser has a low-suds formula that removes buildup without stripping hair of essential oils.

4. theBalm cosmetics: Hot Mama: How cute is this peachy blush? The universally flattering pigment is laced with faint golden shimmer to add warmth to your complexion. 

5. La Fresh: Eco-Beauty Waterproof Makeup Remover: Even the most stubborn mascara will disappear when you use these biodegradable wipes, laces with moisturizing jojoba and other plant oils. 

They also included a $50 gift card to Rent the Runway!! 

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