Friday, January 4, 2013

Currently Coveting/ Currently Buying

You would think that with Christmas so closely in our rearview mirror I wouldn't have too many items on my currently coveting wishlist but, come on, I'm always lusting after something. 

I actually already purchased this shirt. Yes I'm out of college (and thus out of my sorority) but I've wanted one of these tees for a very long time now. I literally live in long sleeve t-shirts, at the moment, while I'm at home so I needed to add this little baby to my wardrobe. I bought the Watermelon colored shirt with the blue seersucker pocket. 

The inscription of this bracelet reads "wear red, master the bow tie, embrace color, be a firecracker, take a road trip, dance till dawn". I think this is the absolute perfect bangle to ring in the new year (especially with my resolution to expand my jewelry collection). I think it will remind me to constantly be checking things off that list! 

I actually also already ordered these. I was standing on the freezing playground the other day in my moccasins and leggings when I realized I needed another pair of boots. With my aversion to uggs, and my desperation for a pair of black boots, I finally settled on these. I love the fact that they don't really have a heel and strongly resemble a traditional riding boot. I can't wait for these babies to arrive. 

I am in desperate need of yet another pair of yoga pants. I have a feeling it won't be long until these are folded in my dresser. I generally go for plain black but this light pink band is beyond adorable! 


  1. I've been thinking of buying a Frat Collection tee for awhile now but just haven't done it yet. I love the look of them!

  2. I love the Frye boots. They are a little out of my price range right now, but they will certainly be worth saving up for next year!

  3. have you ever bought lululemon pants? I am curious if they are worth the money

    1. I have and I am obsessed! At first I was skeptical because they're workout clothes, how great could they be (especially for that much) but they are seriously amazing. I definitely recommend them!

  4. Frye boots are amazing! I have the Billy pull-ons and I swear they look brand new after 3 years, they're great investment pieces. I got the Kate Spade bangle from my best guy friend for Christmas, I adore the inscriptions!! And everyone loves some Lululemon!!!

    I hope you're having a great weekend!!!

  5. I keep buying myself new things, too! I need to stop because I don't need anything else! I do love those boots, though.


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