Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Every Girl Needs: Flats

Flats are perhaps my favorite type of shoe. They are so versatile and seriously the most comfortable. I pretty much wear them every day to work since they're casual enough but still give the impression of being put together.

To me, with all kinds of shoes, the most important component is that they are comfortable. It is worth the time to go and try on the styles you like in store. My favorite looks are classic ballet flats and pointed flats. 

The most important staples every girl needs are black, brown, and nude flats.

These Tory Burch Chelsea flats are my latest obsession. I love that they look like true ballet flats and the subtle logo. They would be so versatile!

The Tory Burch Caroline flats are my favorite pair of flats I own. They are amazing! The problem is they are sold out everywhere. They're the most comfortable pair of Tory shoes I own. If you can manage to get your hands on a pair buy them immediately! (And let me know where you got them because I need another pair stat).

Kate Spade Tock flats are very reminiscent of Ferragamo flats (one of my dream pairs of shoes). These are perfection. 

I am also a strong believer in leopard flats (see previous post). They go with everything!

J.Crew has a fabulous pair. 

Here are a few other styles that have a slight variation on the classics but are still subtle enough to be basic. (In other words I want them right now). 

I'm kind of in love with everything cork (The Jack Rogers cork sandals will be one of my first summer purchases) and these Kate Spade Terry flats are no different. I have visited the site several times just to admire them. I know I will most likely break down and buy them for myself soon. Plus the metallic tip makes them just amazing. 
I'm also as equally in love with these J.Crew Viv flats. They're simple yet make a statement. 

These Kate Spade Gwen flats are absolutely to die for! 

What are the flats your simply cannot live without? 

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