Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sweet Tee

I've written of my exhaustive search for the perfect t-shirt before (see posts here and here) but would you believe I'm still on this hunt? Okay so I have a confession, when I wrote the first post about it in October, I only added ONE shirt to my wardrobe! So that t-shirt drawer wasn't getting any fuller.

Well that has changed as of late. I shared with you my recent Frat Collection long sleeve purchase, it finally arrived and I'm in love! So since I'm running so low on tees I thought I would purchase a few. 
Luckily The Frat Collection was having a 30% off sale for V-day and I snagged a few other tees. I have to tell you, the amount of options is seriously overwhelming. I could have spent hours trying to design the right ones. 

I ended up deciding on these:

This one is a long sleeve white t-shirt (obviously) with the Rhonda pocket. 
Now the short sleeve choice was much more difficult for me. I finally settled on the Linley with the light blue t-shirt. 

I also traveled over to Etsy and bought the shirt I'm most excited about. I recently saw a shirt on pinterest that had a monogrammed pocket. So originally that was what I was in the market for, but then I stumbled upon this baby

I'm kind of obsessed with it and cannot wait for it to arrive! I chose the color scheme all the way to the right but have a feeling I will eventually get the classic one as well. 

Finally I'm mulling over this tee from Southern Tide. After all my recent purchases I'm not sure if this is really necessary...still on the fence. 


  1. I'm loving the Frat Collection shirts! They look super comfortable. I'm just not sure about sizing so I would love some input!


    1. I prefer my t-shirts a little roomy so I went with a medium and am super happy with that. They're a little longer so they're appropriate to wear with leggings and are comfortable but aren't too baggy.
      I'm 5'5 so the medium is perfect on me. Hope that helps!

  2. I really want a frat collection shirt! Today, I wore my Southern Tide shirt just like that one (except in white) it is probably the softest t-shirt I own!


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