Monday, January 14, 2013

The Morning After: Golden Globes Fashion

As always, when it comes to award season I have a lot of opinions on the looks of the stars. Here are a few of my fav (and least favorite) looks of the night. 

Best Dressed

Claire Danes- I think the dress is amazing and the color is perfect on her but am I the only one who thinks she's worn this before? 

Isla Fisher- my top five favorite of the night 

Megan Fox 

Connie Britton- LOVE HER! The hair is flawless, perfect compliment to the dress. The silhouette shows off her figure perfectly 

Hayden Panettiere- (Connie's costar look a page out of her book with this look). What a great color, the feather fishtail is such a fun and youthful touch to her dress. Her hair is perfect (I always love when they wear their hair down) 

Nicole Richie- Loved this look- the color is gorgeous and so different 

Jessica Alba- I think this is maybe my favorite of the night (though it's difficult to choose since so many were amazing). It reminds me of Lea Michele's look at the Globes two years ago

Julie Bowen 

Olivia Munn 

Anne Hathaway

Kristen Wiig

Lea Michele 

All photo credit goes to People

Worst Dressed 

Photo credit 
Gulianna Rancic- she looks like the bride of Frankinstein- what the hell was she thinking? And she judges other peoples fashion choices on Fashion Police- irony in the flesh. 

Lena Dunham- hideous color, not flattering, she needs jewelry, so matronly, and cover up the tattoo 

Julianne Hough- I wonder how many tutus had to die to make that dress

Lucy Lu- She's either a huge hit or colossal miss...this year she was the latter 

Kaley Cuoco- I don't even know where to begin

Jennifer Lopez- You're a mother! Cover it up! 

Not Sure How I Feel 

Zooey Deschanel- Oscar de la Renta (even though he is hands down my favorite designer I'm not sure how I feel about this dress. The color is amazing and perfect on her skintone but the draping on the hips of the skirt doesn't look good) 

Jennifer Lawrence- I wanted to like this because I love her but the bust on this was horrendous. It gave her cone boobs. But aside from that the belt was such a great touch and the color was great 

(Marion Cotillard wore a very similar dress by Dior as well. Odd?) 

Trends of the Evening: 
-sequines/ glitter 
-ruby red 
A Few Asides: 

-Bradley Cooper was pure perfection- I love him...He was robbed! 

-Jon Hamm and his girlfriend are the best looking couple around- Brangelina who? 

-E's "Mani Cam" was the funniest thing I've ever seen 

What did you think of last night? 

P.S. I apologize for the length post! 

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