Monday, February 11, 2013

DVF-Diane Von Fate

I am obsessed with Diane Von Furstenberg. I mean like seriously obsessed. I fell in love with a dress of hers from awhile back and have never been able to locate it. Well on a whim last week I decided to search again and FOUND IT! Not only did I find it, I found it for a quarter of the cost, brand new, in my size on ebay. I mean talk about meant to be! 

Diane Von Furstenberg Elalia Dress Grecian Waves Tide 

My hope is to wear it to my friends wedding this spring (I have yet to try it on and see it in person, so this may change) but even if it doesn't work out for that I have no doubt I'll put this little number to good use! 

Have you ever had the good fortune to find something you thought had long since disappeared? 


  1. what a perfect dress to wear to a wedding! I love this!
    Helene in Between

  2. That so cute! And just right for a spring wedding!


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