Friday, March 22, 2013

Jack Rogers USA

Since Spring has officially started, I am dreaming of warm weather. And what accompanies warm weather? Jack Rogers! I have been lusting over so many different pairs I don't even know where to begin to stock my wardrobe this summer. I do have to admit that my favorite pair of spring/summer shoes are my Tory Burch Miller sandals and I will most likely be buying another pair for the summer. But the beauty of Jack Rogers is that they come is so many different colors. Here are my favorites: 

Last year I had the wooden wedges and lived in them. They were the most comfortable things ever! I'm looking to purchase another pair of their wedges as well, this year. 

What are your favorite pairs of Jack Rogers? 


  1. Those corks and the monograms are too much...I'm in love!!!


  2. I am in love with the 'Lauren' sandal!

  3. I have the gold pair. I wear them with everything! Seriously one of my favorite pairs of sandals!


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