Thursday, March 14, 2013

Liebster Award

I've been nominated for the Liebster Award again! (My original post somehow disappeared?) Thank you so much to Whisky Whimsy for nominating me (check out her blog here- you'll love it as much as I do!)

First, 11 facts about me. 

1. I'm an organization freak. You can ask me where anything is in my room and I can tell you exactly where it's housed. Everything has a specific place. 
2. I'm a huge TV junkie. I'm religious about watching my shows. If I have to miss it primetime I eagerly watch it the following day online (I actually prefer to watch them this way because a. there's less commercials and b. I can rewind if necessary, but sometimes I can't wait that long to watch)
2b. I'm so invested in my shows that I read spoilers regularly because I'm too impatient to wait until the following week to know what's going to happen. 
3. I'm obsessed with everything Jennifer Aniston and Kate Middleton 
4. My celebrity crush is Bradley Cooper (if you didn't already know this) and I genuinely believe the only thing keeping us from a "happily ever after" is the fact we haven't met yet. 

5. Before high school I hated reading. Someone gave me the Gossip Girl series (even better than the show, in my opinion) when I was a freshman and ever since I have been a veracious reader. 
6. I'm always late. No matter how much time I allow myself to get ready, I inevitably leave the house at least 5 minutes late. (All of my friends are aware of this and refer to it as "Tory time")
7. I'm a preschool teacher to three year olds- they are the cutest things around! 
8. In my eight grade and high school year book I received the same prediction- that I would one day have my own talk show. 
9. I didn't get my drivers license until freshmen year in college. I never felt the need because my lovely friends drove me around all the time! 
10. I have a terrible fear of spiders and snakes. One of my roommates in college bough a snake and I slept with a towel under my door for the rest of the year, in case it escaped. 
11. I love my sleep and detest being woken up, it's one of my biggest pet peeves. 

Now onto the questions: 
1. Which blog/blogger inspires you the most? So many choices it's so difficult to choose. I'd probably say College Prepster because of how successful she has become through blogging, I'm truly envious. 

2. What is your favorite clothing line/designer/store? Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, and Tibi would probably be my top 4. I do the vast majority of shopping at J.Crew, Lilly, Nordstrom, South Moon Under, and Anthropologie (but I also do tons of online shopping). My favorite designer of all time is Oscar de la Renta. 
3. What is your biggest guilty pleasure? I feel like I have so many. I'm addicted to my TV shows, reading a good book instantly puts me in a good mood, I adore napping, mani/pedis are one of my favorite past times, and I wouldn't be able to survive without Starbucks...oh and SHOPPING! 
4. What is your favorite novel? I think my favorite book of all time would be Jodi Picoult The Pact, followed very closely by Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird, I've also read Eat, Pray Love more times than I can count. 
5. Which famous lady is your fashion role model? I'd say right now my biggest fashion role model is Kate Middleton, she's so elegant and sophisticated while still being relevant. She has flawless taste. I also adore Olivia Palermo's daring fashion sense, Jennifer Aniston's classic esthetic, Tory Burch's reinvention of retro styles. But my biggest fashion role model of all time would hands down be Jackie Kennedy. 
6. What piece of jewelry do you wear everyday/the most often? I literally never leave the house without earrings, my watch, and my David Yurman ring I received for my 21st birthday. 
7. What is your go to shoe? In the summer I'm always in flip flops (even thought I hate my feet)- either Tory Burch Miller Sandal or Jack Rogers. In the fall/ winter I'm wearing flats, riding boots, or my moccasins 
8. Are you a gymmer, a runner, or a yoga practicer? Definitely a runner, for some reason it's so difficult for me to stay faithful to the gym (I always say I'm going to go but never end up making it- with the exception of spinning). I love running and am counting down the days until it's warm enough for me to resume my normal routine. 
9. What is your favorite quote? I'm kind of a quote addict, just check out my pinterest board. But these are three of my all time favorites. 

10. To what event did you wear your favorite outfit to date? Probably my cousins wedding in September, I was really excited about the dress I wore. 
11. What is your biggest aspiration in life? I mainly just want to live a life my parents are proud of. I would say my greatest aspiration would be to be a loving wife and mother (everything else is superfluous). Career wise I aspire to write a novel that people can identify with and that one day becomes someones favorite book.  

Thank you again Whimsy Whiskey for the nomination! 

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