Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's Okay Thursday

This week I'm making sure to tell myself that it's okay...

-That I've had a few obsessions this past week (hey, you knew I was OCD)
1. Popcorn- no joke I think I've had it four times in the last week. Kind of a happy accident, one night I was starving but was low on food so I resorted to some popcorn. I had completely forgotten how much I loved it. Now I can't stop myself- no joke, I had it for dinner last night
2. Silver Linings Playbook- It became available on iTunes last Friday and I downloaded it immediately. I've watched it more times than I can count. What's not to love, it's funny and it has my man in it! (Sidenote: thoughts on Jennifer Lawrence's new haircut? I am horrified by it and think it makes her look like a soccer mom- but I know I'm in the minority with that opinion)
3. Nashville- Somehow I fell a few weeks behind, but am all caught up now and am anxiously awaiting next week. If you aren't watching it- start, it's amazing!

-To have a serious lust over Valentino shoes. I think they are pure perfection.

-To be ready for summer vacation, with all this work piling up for the end of the school year I feel like I'm back in college. 

What's okay with you this week?
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1 comment:

  1. I want to see Silver Linings Playbook..and I just googled her new hair-- not a fan of the short look!

    Can't wait to watch this week's Nashville after school tomorrow, it's always my Friday afternoon treat!


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