Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Max(ied) Out

I love maxi dresses. When they first came out a few years ago, I thought I was too short to pull them off. But the truth is, if you find the proper proportions there is a maxi for everyone! I love them for spring because the length gives a little extra warmth when the temps dip slightly at night.

Lately I've been pinning maxi dresses like crazy, here are a few of my favorite looks.

These looks give me inspiration to find the perfect maxi for spring! 

What are your thoughts on maxi dresses?


  1. I love maxi dresses too! Target & Forever 21 have cute ones right now


  2. I Love all of these looks! I'm super short so it's harder to rock the trend but I still try- hahah.

  3. I'm the same as you...always thought I was too short and looked awkward in maxis. I bought my first one recently, a Lilly one, and love it!


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