Monday, May 13, 2013

Beauty Products Worth the Splurge

If you were to peak inside my makeup bag you would see that it contains products from a wide price range. I'm far from a makeup guru, I pretty much wear the same things all the time (with a few variations) but I have figured out, over the years, there are some products that are just worth the splurge.  I definitely not a makeup snob, several of my things are from the drugstore (i.e. moisturizer and mascara) but some items are really of a higher quality. These are the items I couldn't live without and feel are well worth the price.

I've been using these since I was a little girl and they are seriously miracle brushes. They make your hair so soft and give it such volume. 

I've spoken of my love for my Clarisonic quite often but my love for it does not fade. It's works incredibly well and leaves you with such a clean feeling. A friend of mine (shout of to Claire) has the Mia II and says it actually notifies you when to switch areas on your face so it sounds like the few extra dollars are well worth it.

I've spent years looking for just the right face wash. A salewoman at Nordstrom recommended this to me and told me it is one of the best products out there, now I must say I have to agree with her. The price is a little steep for face wash but one tube lasts me about three months.

Similar to my quest for the perfect face wash, I've tried just about every hair product on the market. There are several that I have fallen in love with, but this one is a constant and has never let me down. Similar to my face wash, a bottle of this will last me months (I'm talking almost 6) since I only use two pumps at a time. It smells incredible and leaves your hair so soft (it also doesn't make your hair greasy- which is huge)

This lotion is amazing. It really hydrates and the sells it comes in are fantastic. 

I don't wear much lipstick but when I do I find that quality makes a huge difference. It stays on longer and the consistency is much better. Plus, the shades they come in are so gorgeous you can't help but love them. 

Do you have any beauty products that are worth the splurge? 

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  1. love this post! i never used to want to splurge on beauty products because i'd rather spend the extra money on clothes, but i have come to learn that some products are just worth it. i splurge on mac cosmetics usually, because they last all day and a little bit goes a long way. xoxo


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