Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weekend Roundup

This past weekend was crazy, and I thought I would share with you some of the highlights. 

Saturday morning was The Color Run. (I bet you're all excited to finally have me shut up about it now, but let me just give this tiny synopsis and then I promise I won't bring it up again). 

I checked the weather religiously last week, keeping my fingers crossed that the rain and predicted thunderstorms would hold out, and thank goodness they did (we even got a little sunshine!). We got there about an hour a head of time and it was packed, 25,000 people were supposedly participating. We had to wait a while for the race to actually begin (it was scheduled to start at 9:00) and we eventually jumped the fence and just joined in. We had so much fun! It was surprisingly more intense than I anticipated, I had heard it was rather laid back because people tend to bring small children, but we ran the entire race. We got covered in color! 

But here comes the however, the color didn't come out of my hair. I had read that it should come off your skin relatively easily. We all showered immediately after and it did come off pretty easy, I scrubbed and scrubbed and got 98% off in the first shower. 

However, my hair wasn't as lucky. Here is a big public service announcement: if you're blonde, wear a hat! I washed my hair three times in my initial shower and had no luck. Later that night I took another shower and washed it seven times and it faded slightly but I still looked like I belonged on Teen Mom. I panicked and booked an emergency highlighting job and she was lucky enough to cover it up. The website says that the color will come out after a few washes and I do believe it, since my did fade after my vigourous scrubbing, but it wasn't happening quickly enough. All I could picture was showing up to work today with pink streaks, my class of Hello Kitty's biggest fans would have loved that...

In the midst of my hair trauma, I agreed to go sit in a dark movie theater to see the movie I have been anticipating for the past year, The Great Gatsby. 

It was amazing!!!! You must run to go see it! 

Leo is gorgeous and there aren't words to describe how wonderful his acting was. 

The costumes are breathtaking. 

I've been listening to the soundtrack nonstop since, it's incredible (even though I'm not sure it necessarily goes with the movie) but still, love it. I've been listening to Lana Del Ray's Young and Beautiful on loop for three days. 

I'm rereading the timeless novel now and have Trimalchio: An Early Version of The Great Gatsby on my To Read List. (Follow me on Goodreads)


  1. The color run looks like a blast! I am rereading Gatsby too! I am waiting to see the movie until I finish it.

  2. So glad you got to enjoy the Color Run (my friend ran it in Baltimore this weekend too) minus the hair mishap. And I loved Gatsby too, I had Young and Beautiful stuck in my head all weekend.


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